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Hello I work FT on a busy Peds unit. It's a toxic work environment for many reasons with a high turnover rate. I am stressed and burnt out to the max. The heavy patient load, constant... Read More

  1. by   Agent99
    Glad to hear that, MilitarySpouse. I find that if I work only one day a week, maybe two it is easier to manage.

    We'll see, I'm working on a lot of different things.

    Thank you.

    Thanks again, too SandiLa
  2. by   Lovely RN
    Reading your post was like like deja vu for me. I was working 12 hours 7a-7p 3 days a week on a tele unit for 2 years then I went to prn which worked out great. I never got cancelled and I worked 2 or 3 12's a week depending on my needs and family obligations. I just had a baby 8/06 still out on maternity leave. I decided after the baby I wasn't giong back to the hosp. Too much stress. Too much wear and tear on me physically and mentally. I dreaded going to work. I stayed as long as I did 4 years becuz I too had great co-workers, but now I have to think about me. I am looking into home health or private duty or posssibly sub-acute rehab. Best of luck to you in whatever decision u make.
  3. by   steelcityrn
    I say go for it, if it makes your life better.
  4. by   RNKPCE
    I have been per diem for 3 years now, and in nursing for a total of 20. At my hospital being per diem does not mean you don't do charge or precepting. In fact I like doing charge. But if charge and precepting is the main factor in your stress then maybe per diem will work for you.

    I never worked full time. I started 4 (8hr) days and dropped to 3evenings after first child, half time after 2nd child, then to 2 evenings a week when my kids extra curricular activities and homework became more demanding. Three years ago when my daughter's middle school grad dance was going to be on my weekend to work I finally took the plunge and went per diem. I have had no regrets. I have been cancelled only 4 shifts in 3 years. I am constantly called to work extra by our staffing department but that is what Caller ID is for, and no one gives you a hard time for saying no.

    I also work per diem at an outpatient surgery facility( while the kids are in school 8-12hrs a week) with the ultimate goal of giving up bedside nursing once my kids are out of college(probably 10 more years) and doing only outpatient surgery center.

    At least now I can flex up or down at either facility. A co-worker flexes up or down depending on her bills. Recently she bought a new dining room set so she worked full time a couple pay periods and back to her usual of 3 shifts a week.

    Per diem might not work as well in some parts of the country but there is such a shortage in California it isn't a problem.
  5. by   ORSmurf
    I totally know what you are saying! You really should do whatever you have to in order to take care of yourself. Whether you go per diem, quit and go some place else - do sometihng!
    I quit my hospital job a few months ago (full time with great benefits) and took a per diem job at a Surgery Center. It was a very scary move for me, but has turned out better than I ever imagined. I work the days I want, take as much time off as I need and have been able to feel human again.
    You deserve a happy, healty work environment.
    Best of luck to you!!!

    Quote from Agent99

    I work FT on a busy Peds unit. It's a toxic work environment for many reasons with a high turnover rate.

    I am stressed and burnt out to the max. The heavy patient load, constant precepting and being in charge is wearing me out. Not to mention the other stressors of difficult family members and physicians. Some staff members are catered to, (don't have to precept or be in charge as much) They play the game better than I do, acting overwhelmed/playing dumb etc. so they don't get more responsibilities. Unfortunately, the only reward for good hard work, is more work.

    I look terrible, I feel terrible. I can't sleep and I'm anxious all the time. Sometimes I get chest pain at work. I feel like I'm going to explode.

    I'm thinking of switching to per diem status in order to have some more free time to get my head together. Eventually I will phase out of bedside nursing altogether. I just don't want to take the first job offered, I really want to get well.

    I was thinking of quitting and taking the summer off, but then at least per diem would pay the rent. Also, per diem doesn't have to precept or be in charge. I am married, so I have my husband's insurance.

    Does this sound like a good idea? Anyone here per diem and like it? Thanks.