Thinking of moving to tennessee

  1. Hello everyone out there. My husband and I are looking to move to the Nashville Tenn. area (Franklin). He will be graduating from a PA program in 7 week and has an interview in a few weeks when together we will fly out and check the area out. My question is where in this area is the best place to raise children. We have three school age kids. I am so excited because I have always since a small child wanted to live in the south. I am a RN with 6 years of Adult ICU/CCU experience. It is so hard because most chamber of commerces information is always the best. We currently live in a small New England town with around 5,000 people with it's own school system. Soccer is a big part of all of lives, my husband still plays and has coached since he was a teenager. We are in our early 30's. I was wondering also which are the best hospitals to work at and the round about pay for us nurses since I will need a job also. I would appreciate any help. I know no one who lives in this area what so ever. Thank you all for you time:kiss
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  3. by   nursedawn67
    We used to live in Tennessee, we lived in Hohenwald about an hour or so south of Franklin. My hubby worked there in Franklin though....beautiful area. I love Tenn!
  4. by   Harleyhead
    I used to live in Knoxville,Tn. i worked at ut hospital. In nashville vanderbilt hospital is considered excellent. Get ready for some culture shock and good luck.
  5. by   tinkagain
    One of the most beautiful states in the nation, in my opinion. Very nice people there, too. Highly recommend it.
  6. by   Hidi74
    I am from the Nashville area and I highly recommend it as well. As soon as I am out of school I want to go back! I ditto on Vanderbilt being great. I have a cousin and an uncle who are nurses there. Franklin is awesome!
  7. by   NativeButterfly
    Hello!! I am so jealous about you even thinking of moving to TN...esp Franklin. It is such a nice town. I moved from Nashville to AZ about two years ago due to working for the government to pay off my school loans. Anyway, I worked for Vanderbilt prior to the move and loved it. I hope I get to go back soon. Anyway, just my two cents. Good luck on your decision.
  8. by   agallegirl
    I used to live in Franklin.... it is the most charming, clean, beautiful town! There are quite a few country singers that live in and around Franklin....Tim Mcgraw, Judds, :-)
    Plus you have Nashville just min's away that has everything imaginable to do.
    I live in TX now, as my husbands going to law school and I'm taking my pre-reqs to get into a nursing program :-)
  9. by   spot
    Dear ShellRN,

    I live in Giles County, TN, which is about 60 miles south of Franklin as you travel down I-65. On a weekday morning, it would take approx 60-75 minutes from my house to downtown depending on traffic. The Franklin area is a suburb of greater Nashville/Davidson County. It is also a very desirable area in which to live; relatively low crime rate, good schools, beautiful countryside, convenient location. Consequently, it also tends to be on the expensive side for housing. Where to work?? Vandy is a good hospital, with a focus on research. St. Thomas is one of the top-ranked hospitals in the country with an exceptionally good cardiac/open heart/cath/angioplasty program. Centennial is another well-respected hospital. I don't know much about them specifically, only that I've not heard anything bad about them. As far as were to live is concerned.... I would reccomend you rent for a year, shop around, explore and get lost. There is a lot to see and do in the area. There are other places that are still convenient, that are equally desireable, yet less expensive to live. Good luck, and welcome to the Volunteer State!!!

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  10. by   JnJTyson
    Now you guys have me all excited!! I'm in the beginning of LPN school right now. I'll be done in May of 04...we have the summer off...which I hate! =0( Anyhow!! After I pass NCLEX-PN, I'm getting married....and we're planning on moving to TN!

    I was born and raised in Naples, FL. My fiance is from Ky.

    We went up to Knoxville (pronounced knox-vull if you're from that Fell in love with it!! We were up there for a week...and I didn't ever want to leave. The smokies were just amazing. The UT campus...UT hospital! Plus I was looking online, and they have a few childrens hospitals, and other area hospitals. I just loved it!!

    So yay! I'll have to look into Nashville as well. ROAD TRIP!!


    But remember...there are only three religions in TN...Baptist, Methodist and UT football!!! =0)

    A local told me that joke! But I do find it spot a church other than Baptist or Methodist....its a rare find! LOL
  11. by   meandragonbrett
    I'm from tennessee, born and being raised I love it and don't plan on moving out of the state! I'm in memphis right now.

  12. by   GAstudent
    I am in the Chattanooga area. I have taken my son to Vanderbelt for his Eczema and we loved it. I would also tell you to check out Chattanooga. I live in Georgia and I am only about 10 miles from Chattanooga. I live in a small town called Chickamauga. It is a nice community with a private school. The town is about maybe 3000 people and is real quite and peacefull and stress free. We are near Chattanooga and all the hospitals, restaurants, malls, and other wonderful attractions are right there for a 15 or 20 minute drive. I love going home to the country. RN's here make anywhere from 24-35$ an hour. My aunt is in NICU and makes 28$ and she has been a nurse for 3 years.
  13. by   wolfie
    I have lived in both Middle Tenn (Nashville & surrounding areas) and East Tenn (Knoxville and surrounding areas) and let me tell you DON"T MOVE TO THE KNOXVILLE AREA. The medical community is not very progressive. All the papers in Knoxville are concerned about is UT football and that's all the University is concerned about also. Not education but football. The UT hospital management is poor and the other hospitals in the area aren't much better. The pay is poor. I went to school in Middle Tenn at Murfreesboro and the middle tenn area is a much more progressive area. There are several good hospitals including Baptist and St. Thomas also there is a hospital at Murfreesboro, Middle Tenn Medical Center, that has made significant progress over the years. They have good ICU's and ED. The area around Murfreesboro has good schools. The land has become progressively more expensive as Nashville has spread. The schools began their improvement when Nissan built a factory there. You would probably find soccer around Middle Tenn but I doubt you'd find alot around Knoxville. The Universities around Nashville are better. Middle Tenn. State and Vanderbuilt and Belmont plus others. East Tn. might be prettier (sp) but Middle Tn is more progressive. As for West Tn I haven't lived there so couldn't comment.
  14. by   perfectbluebuildings
    Welcome to Tennessee!!! Born and raised there and hope to go back some day.
    And go, Vols!!
    I agree that Vanderbilt is a wonderful hospital, a sister goes there yearly for a chronic genetic disease to be checked up on (a 5 hr trip from our corner of the state) and has always had wonderful experiences there.
    Also, I know you are moving to Nashville area, I have never lived in the Knoxville area so I don't know what it is like but I would just say from personal experience that east TN is plenty progressive enough and a very pleasant place to live. Since I am still a student I can't speak to the medical atmosphere of the area though.