Think I am in trouble, maybe fired

  1. I've been nursing for almost 2 decades, mostly med/surg and some tele. I was offered a position about 6 months in outpatient endo, it sort of came my way. I took it but the 5 days a week, on call all hours of the night and the technology just about killed me. I had a talk to my boss and we parted on good terms. The only position that was availbale to me in our small town was Rehab nursing. I really did not know much about it but took becasue I have a mortage and need the insurance for a sick husband. It's a tiny dept. and everyone knows everyone elses business. Currently a witch hunt is being done on me and I have a long list of complaints about me, QA's etc. I have always been a good nurse with a respected reputation but now I feel ganged up on and a meeting is in store where I think I will get fired. My attitude has been in question and I must confess short of being a great nurse I am concerned about the constant lifting of very heavy dead weight patients. We do have machines in storage but I already got QA'd using one on this one patient that weighted 300, CVA and had to urniate every 30 minuetes. My fear is that I know seem unstable to the other managers in the hospital about getting a med/surg or tele job back. I have even considered working nights but as much as I see the advantages my body will be shot in a few months and I can't afford to be ill again. Doe's anyone have any suggestions or hints as to how to handle this. If a beg to stay on I can't say it with an honest heart, I love the patients and feel thier pain but I am a weakling, I'm not sure where my heart is. I already took changes and look unstable, I am very embrassed. I wish I could go to abother hospital where I can start fresh but I live out in the nature's land. Help me put this in perspective. Kitten
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  3. by   Patient_Care_Asst
    If I had a pt. voiding every 30 min., I think I might inquire why they didn't have a foley catheter.

    I'm all for the quality of life thing but sheesh...
  4. by   EmmaG
    Why in the world do they have that equipment in storage????

    If you really think you're going to be let go, why not request to be allowed to resign? If it's that bad, just lay your cards on the table and be honest and salvage what you can of this situation. Don't go in defensive and talking of 'witch hunts' though. Try to end it on good terms.
  5. by   CaseManager1947
    You didn't say in your post if in your small town, there might be other options open to you... have you checked the current ads, or inquired of any other nursing friends what might be out there??? You might be surprised. I do think there is a denial amongst all of us the physical toll that nursing takes on our bodies over time. I know I am nearing 60 (OMG) and it is getting harder and harder to do it, even though I do not have as physically demanding job as you do. A couple of things... you mentioned the equipment is in storage.... what is it doing there??? 2nd: are your co-workers so angry with you, that they aren't pulling their weight on the job?? Maybe it is time to look eleswhere; maybe you just need to explore options; if I was that unhappy and distrusted my peers as much as you say you do, I'd work someplace else too. I don't know, it just seems life's too short to go to work miserable.

    PM me if you have need of any further info.

    Morghan, ARNP
  6. by   DaFreak71
    Have you considered a nursing job outside of a hospital setting? Perhaps teaching? I don't know what the situation is around the country, but here in the good ol' South, all it takes is ENROLLMENT in a MSN program (can be done online) in order to get a job as a nursing instructor. With all your years of experience, you'd have no trouble at all getting a gig like that.

    What about working at a hospital in the role of an educator (teaching newly dx'd diabetes patients how to inject insulin, etc)?

    What about working at a doctors office? Patients come in on their own so they can surely turn themselves around on the bed and are less prone to falling.

    How about a position in the NICU? Unless you get a baby like that Russian woman had (17 pounds, omg), doesn't seem like you'd have to lift much at all.

    Best of luck!
  7. by   vloho
    The higher ups think that in rehab,these people need to be encouraged to move on their own ,to build muscle strength,if they need a little help you should be willing to {break your back}.
  8. by   Patient_Care_Asst
    ...and they wonder why there's a nursing shortage.
  9. by   leslymill
    Quote from Patient_Care_Asst
    If I had a pt. voiding every 30 min., I think I might inquire why they didn't have a foley catheter.

    I'm all for the quality of life thing but sheesh...
    Don't ask me why rehab is like this. Even with a UTI and the patient not getting any sleep and you in there emptying an empty bedpan...DO NOT DO ANYTHING BUT SMILE and be pleased about running in there every five minutes allll night long.:angryfire
    Beware of body language, too.
    I BET MONEY half the list against our PO here is body language about that lift equipment in storage and the frustration she feels. A 300 pound CVA is hard to rehabilitate to self care. I would think a lift team would be soooo nice.
  10. by   DaFreak71
    Nevermind, just realized above poster was not saying nurses "should break their backs" only that the higher ups expect nurses to that, lol.
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  11. by   santhony44
    Are home health or hospice possibilities? Those are pretty much everywhere!
  12. by   RN1989
    Have you been counseled on these "qa's"? To get a good paper trail going for termination, there needs to be counseling, usually verbal, then written if you are still doing the "wrong" thing. Then that leads to termination.

    You need to find out exactly what they are accusing you of. You need to know if they think you are going against policy, against best practice, whatever. That will help with a strategy. Sounds like they are like some employers that I have had. Wanting to get rid of the person that bucks the system because they are actually the ones not wanting to do what is right.

    If they don't like your complaints about lifting, then you need to start documenting this stuff and bring in best practice info about safety, that various regulatory agencies are encouraging the use of equipment and lift teams to prevent both staff and pt injury.

    I just read an article about CMS not going to pay for nosocomial infections/injuries/conditions starting next year. That is going to screw up the system even worse. One of the things they won't pay for is injuries while in the facility. There's one argument right there - no payment for skin tears, broken bones, etc. related to unsafely lifting patients.

    I feel for you. PM me if you want to give any more details and I will try to help.
  13. by   sscathlab
    What I dont understand is why they QA'd you for being safe not just your back but your patients own safety. In Texas, there is something in with the state Not the nursing board about workplace safety and the availability of equipment to help save nurses. You need to check the state health and human services (that license the hospital); also I think CMS (center for medicare and medicaid services) have something in their requirements about having appropriate equipment available to assist with lifting. Sometimes with a small unit if one person decides they dont like you, unfortunately all of them tend to go along.
  14. by   Furoffire
    Pray for me at 1500 PST. Big guns from HR will be there. My manager and I had a brief meeting before the big one today (which is suppose to be annual evaluations for everyone but my orientation is 30 days away) and she went over some of the feedback and complaints about me. Nothing is major, I have done no injury or harm to no one. I think my attitude about being a Rehab Nurse sours me the most. But if I get fired (I have NEVER been fired) what on earth do I do? If I resign than I get no unemployment. Its not like I could just turn to the next mega hospital and find a job in tele in 20 minutes. In a small community your reputation means much. I am at a lost and feel like I am going in to find out if my tumor results are benign or maligant, leaning on the bad side. Should I allow her to terminate me, how do I apply for another job? Are there different types of being fired? I am so afraid. I like the dept. but honestly with no lift team, no equipment (Rehab is an entire enchilada of its own) its just plain hard. One charge nurse demonstrated to me as her eyes bulged out of their sockets how to do a stand pivot on a dead weight 300# and sprayed her with BM, she was my model. PT rules over nursing, I got in verbal trouble becasue I choice a newer weight bed for a large obese admit, PT makes all the calls, all new to me. My boss says that maybe I need to "change schools" you know if a kid if picked on, it does not end you find another, what has nursing become espeically in small communities! Kit