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Quick story....someone I know who is an RN (BSN), but volunteers with the food services department at our hospital just because she wants to. A really unique individual as I know no other RN’s that... Read More

    Once I had a student nurse stop me down on of the halls to ask me what a CPK was. I jut saw her in front of the nurses station as i was leaving the unit to go on my next round so i asked her " why did you wait to ask me this all the way down the hall?" ( there was no one around by the way),and she said " I cant ask you that infront of the RN's they would make fun at me for asking the phlebotomist a question like that." Now I know how they REALLY feel about me.
  2. by   justavolunteer
    I have told people that I'm...(see username). I have pts. ask me medical questions. I tell them "I'm just a volunteer, I'll have to ask your nurse, she's the expert on these things". For another person to say condescendingly, "Well you're just a CNA" (or whatever), is just plain rude. Luckily, I'm greatly appreciated as a volunteer. I have had nurses ask me if someone is giving me trouble. They have said "If someone is, just let us know & we'll take care of them". I bet they would, too!
  3. by   ElvishDNP
    All I have to say is, people may look down on housekeepers, dietary folks, or whomever else, but the hospital would go to Hades in handbasket real fast without them. And, at least where I am, they are some of the nicest people around.

    Nice story.
  4. by   sister--*
    We work with students from one of the better Nursing Schools in the State (my opinion) on one of their last rotations before they graduate.

    Sadly, we also have several nurses who are extreemly rude and insulting when the mood strikes them.

    One afternoon while finishing-up the shifts paperwork, one of these nurses hurled a few very ugly insults and faces at the student that was there. Nasty and relentless, she was. This student, a male, just took it in stride, smiled and thanked this nurse for her input and the opportunity to "learn" from her.

    Imagine everyones surprise when one of our states major newspapers did a Sunday feature article on this student. In addition to being a "lowly" nursing student, he was also a teaching and research Professor at one of our largest Universities. He had his Doctorate in Animal Biology with his specialty being Animal Husbandry!

    Ahhh, it was such a great thing to post that article in the report room! It was an even greater thing to bring the article to the attention of Nurse Nasty and Ugly!!!!