They won't pay me!

  1. My last 2 paychecks (pay Q2W) have had the bene's deducted leaving me with $80.00 from both in take home pay! My checks total almost $600.00 short!
    anyone has had similar experiences I'd like to hear them.
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  3. by   Jolie
    I had a similarly frustrating experience about 10 years ago. I resigned in writing (on good terms) and gave 2 weeks notice. I had accrued about 4 weeks of vacation, which I agreed to have sent to me in 2 separate paychecks over the next 2 pay periods, as the hospital did not want to make a lump-sum payout.

    During my employment, I had a charitable contribution deducted bi-weekly from my paycheck, along with insurance premiums. In my resignation letter, I made it clear that these deductions were to stop with my last actual paycheck, and not be made from my vacation pay checks, as I would technically no longer be an employee when those checks were issued.

    Not only did they make the deductions, they doubled them! My manager was no help. I wrote a letter clearly requesting the immediate refund of that money, along with the immediate payout of the second vacation paycheck, from which no deductions were to be made. I indicated that failure to do so within 7 days would result in legal action by my attorney. I sent the letter by certified mail, return receipt. I had my money pronto!

    Good luck to you. They're wrong and they know it. Call in your lawyer friend, if need be.
  4. by   Zee_RN
    One of the reasons I will never again contribute to United Way is similar to this stuff. A company I worked for all but *required* you to contribute (if you didn't, you got a letter from the head honcho stating how disappointed he was in you and that he was sending a personal check in your name so the firm wouldn't be shamed by your lack of contribution!). So I agreed to a small amount each paycheck. When I left that job in June, they deducted the WHOLE REST OF THE YEAR'S contribution from my final paycheck. They said the commitment was for the WHOLE YEAR and the biweekly payroll deduction was just an installment! I ended up with almost nothing to live on for the next 2-3 weeks until my new job's first pay day. I figure United Way has gotten enough of my blood. And I hate their corporate tactics. I'll give to my church and preferred charities on my own, thank you.

    Sorry for the digression. I just reminded me and irked me all over again
  5. by   azgirl
    I was working carrying our benefits so that my husband could work pool. I accepted much lower than normal pay because of the great benefit package. That was Nov 1999 and then in Sept 2000 my husband needed to use insurance only to find out he was not covered. That was after sitting at the clinic for an hour and a half. I immediately went to the company and they informed me they would make the correction. I wanted the money back that had been taken under false pretences. They changed the records and said that he could not submit all the medical bills for those months not covered. It still did not help the waste of his valuable time or the upset that we had paid for something that was not real.

    Sure makes me not trust those "wonderful benefit packages" waved in front of my nose rather than honest money.
  6. by   azgirl
    Zee that United Way thing happened to me exactly the same way as you. Also with the same result. I would never give a penny to them again.
  7. by   P_RN
    Now is no time for pride. Call the attorney friend and request she write a letter stating what occurred and request that your money be immediately refunded. ASAP

    It's a miracle what a letterhead with "Attorney, Esq." will do for a stalemate.
  8. by   hoolahan
    I saw your note yesterday hugs, but I didn't know how to respond, since this has only happened once to me, and all I did was go right to payroll, tell them it was not my mistake and they better make good and they cut me a check the same day.

    I'm glad you did get some good advice from people in the know.

    I did have to comment on the United way though, had the sae experiences, and HIGH PRESSURE pitch. Everyone was so intimidated they filled out their contribution forms the same day. Only a handfull of us didn't. I turned in my slip with a note attached, thank you I contribute to the charities of my choice which include the MDA, American Cancer Society, Veterans Admin., etc...

    Has anyone been asked to give a donation to their own employer? I have worked for 2 non-profits, and I have been asked to do so for both. I didn't contribute to either. I support them with my blood sweat and tears, and to me that is enough! Also, this last job, another non-profit asked for $60 from each empoyee to shop for Christmas gifts for underprivileged consumers, I did give that, at least it was a one-shot donation, but weekly deductions? I don't think so!
  9. by   colleen10
    Hoolahan and Zee,

    Not to get completely off of Huganurse's post but.......

    I used to work for an Information Technology company until the market went down and most of the company was laid off. The company was/is a big donator to United Way.

    Our company got into hot water with UW when they had promised a certain amount of money from employee contributions (taken as deductions from their bi-weekly paychecks) and couldn't deliver after they laid everyone off. My company also told employees that if they donated to UWay's 911 fund they would match $ for $ but they were unable to because so many employees wanted to donate large amounts of money and the company didn't have the cash. They finally offered old computers and IT services for free. I only know this because of an acquaintance that's involved with charities. Most of the employees that are still there don't know that the company never matched their contributions.

    That's why I now only donate to charities that I know are legitimate and that are near and dear to my heart.

    Huganurse -

    More Power to You!!! Keep a written record of everything. And, don't believe any of the office personel when they tell you that it is hard to make these type of changes or corrections to your benefit information. I used to work in recruiting / HR. It is easier than most people think. My advice is be persistent, get the names of everyone you speak with and when.
  10. by   P_RN
    I've had the pressure from the United Way Campaign also.

    Being the stubborn Southern Irish, English, Swiss, Slovak that I am, you DON'T tell me what to do!

    I told them that I will be contributing to those charities that *I* choose.

    Our place was really intense about the Children's Hospital that was on campus. Those pressures made the United Way seem meek and mild. I have NOTHING against sick children. This was a beautiful facility with magnificent doctors.....

    BUT I don't take kindly to pressure. And I found out the hard way many years back you also DON'T let *anyone* do automatic withdrawal from your check!