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All three day nurses called out sick today. The first relief nurse came and then proceeded to call the nursing supervisor and complain, "This is unsafe nursing practice! None of us reliefs know these... Read More

  1. by   kids
    Originally posted by P_RN
    Let me ask this. Do/did/does your NM wear a uniform to work?

    Ours didn't. Almost always wore street clothes and a lab coat. Of course I hardly ever saw her out on the floor either.
    Hey...I have to get my 2 cents in...I have been in Management off and on for several years...and currently am...I didn't go into management for the money or the power, I did it because I have strong skills, the ability to teach and I love paperwork and writing workable careplans.

    I wear street clothes and a lab jacket...and I HELP. I have no qualms about doing direct patient care in nice clothes. They don't pay me enough to buy expensive clothes...If it doesn't was out it goes in the trash. I have worked several shifts in SNF wearing street clothes. I may be in management but i am and was a Nurse first.

    I don't get Nurse "managers" that can't/don't wont get their hands dirty.
  2. by   PhantomRN
    i got all excited when i read the subject of the post. i thought this was a planned walk out.

    but instead this is an example of one nurse sticking it to another.
  3. by   babynurselsa
    Man where do you work?!?!
    Anyplace that I have ever worked you call out during a holiday you better be inpatient or dead. That would be it you would be out the door.
    The place I am currently working we roatate and someone gets a full holiday off, looking at who had the last ones off.
    But we do have a trouble maker who managed to threaten her way into getting the entire week of Christmas off and felt entitled to taking off New Years Eve. (One of our veterans took all of thanksgiving off and will be off New Years Eve.)
    This chick has been a staff member for about 5 months. Now she swears that she just won't have a sitter that night. I can guarantee you she has mouthed her way out the door with her co-workers.
    She will not be a member of our unit for much longer.....
  4. by   LindaHP
    Hey, I work per diem for just that reason. I cant guarentee that I wont be needed at home.

    I am not required to work ANY holidays. (I cant believe this and I am sure it will change some day.)

    My only requirement is to work one weekend per month.

    Regarding Nurse Managers: A long time ago, when I was fairly new to the nursing profession, I had an "extra job" working at a nursing home. I showed up for work one day and they assigned me what I considered an unsafe load. (way too many patients to get medicated in one whole shift, let alone within the times the meds were due.) I explained to the DON that it would be wiser to split this work between me and the other nurse who was a long timer there and knew the patients and their medications. But she "didnt want to" She wanted to do the treatments, a way easier job. (hey, I didnt mind working hard, I just didnt want to kill anyone that day since half the patients didnt even have arm bands!) The DON wouldnt change the assignment for fear of upsetting her long timer nurse. So I looked her in the eye and said, "well, it looks like you are going to be medicating all these people, because I am leaving."

    Which I did, getting a certain amount of satisfaction of seeing her mouth fall open.