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Well, the dreaded semester has begun: Intro to the Thesis Project. :eek: I'm early in the stages here and was hoping to bounce off some ideas related to my possible thesis topic. First, I am... Read More

  1. by   WashYaHands
    how about, "relatively few studies have examined the reasons for relapse from the point of view of the alcoholic". Still asking the same question as your first draft, just different wording, I suppose. In the latter part of your section you mention the "meaning of relapse", which, to me, seems like a separate issue from the "reasons for relapse". For example, a reason for relapse might be that one felt stressed and needed a drink to relax. The meaning of relapse might be that the person disappointed themselves or family. You can research both aspects, I just see them as different phenomena (why did you do that AND how did you feel when that happened?).


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  2. by   np2b04
    Susyk...regarding your problem statement.. I think it is a wonderful problem statement appropriately backed up with facts and references. However, I am curious about your target population. Are you including all alcholics? Or just ones who think alcoholism is a physical issue; emotional issue; etc? What about alcoholics who haven't relapsed? Will their thoughts/feelings/opinions be included? If they will be included, will the type of program (if any) be included? Such as AA, private facility, etc?
    I too am a grad student working on the first 3 chapters of my thesis. What started as (what I thought) was a simple problem had more potential variables than I could have realized!
    Isn't research fun!?
    p/s..i love the picture of your dog~!
  3. by   Q.
    Well, my target population will be people diagnosed as alcoholics who have relapsed, as evidenced by a second or more inpatient program admission.

    Should that be more identifed in my problem?

    Arghh, these first three chapters are hard. This is actually an exercise for my 526 class, but we can use it to start on our thesis if we want to.
  4. by   WashYaHands
    I think you identify your target population with this:
    Alcoholic relapse is a significant health concern affecting recovering alcoholics and their families, and little is known about what may cause relapse from the alcoholic's perspective, therefore it is essential that the meaning of relapse and the alcoholic's perception of the experience is explored.
    When is this due? Our resident doctorate will hopefully be back on Monday and she always has great constructive input.

  5. by   Q.
    It's due Monday.
  6. by   semstr
    Hi Suzy,

    I personally like starts with lit. reviews, to get "warmed up" to the theme so to say.
    Again, you and I both know why, the alcoholic thesis, is a close homecall isn't it? objectivity..............?

    I like the second thesis best, but (probably) a stupid question from me here, are African-Americans really a minority?

    Anyhow, good luck to you, Renee
  7. by   Q.
    Actually, AAs are a minority. Hispanics are not simply by virtue of population numbers.

    I think I can be objective with this topic, though. I really do.
  8. by   WashYaHands
    I just wanted to add that you've done a nice job writing this. You touched upon the social, financial, and medical implications related to relapse, and this substantiates why relapse is a problem and important topic for study. I'd not stress over it for your class as it is a learning process. You can tweak it as you progress through the research process if you need to. It really looks good to me.

  9. by   Q.
    Thanks Linda. I've actually tweeked it quite a bit since our exchange. And even tho Stargazer accuses me of being a big geek with glasses and an overbite, she's going to help me with a few grammatical errors she's found.
    (gotta make her feel useful, ya know)
  10. by   cmggriff
    Susy, reading all this makes me want a beer. Better you than me. Good luck, Gary
  11. by   Q.
    I see our resident doctorate is posting this morning, thought I'd bump the thread.
    Thanks for the luck Gary. I'll need it.
  12. by   WashYaHands
  13. by   llg
    Thanks for "bumping" the thread, my friends! It's exactly what I needed to see it. And thanks for thinking of me even when I am not around. That makes me feel good to know that.

    Overall, my reaction to Suzy's original "draft" was quite positive. It seemed quite well-written to me. The one statistic that my mind automatically sought that wasn't there was ... "What proportion of alcoholics relapse?" Are there any numbers (even estimates) of that?

    Also, I agreed with the feedback posts -- so, I won't waste time and space repeating most of it. However, I want to reemphasize the comments about the actual study question. There is a difference between asking "Why did you relapse?" which is a specific question about 1 aspect of the relapse experience ... and ... "Tell me about your experience with relapsing."

    The 2nd question is much more broad and could include the participant's perceptions as to why he/she relapsed, but would also include more. That might be a good thing in terms of the amount of knowledge that would be gained from your efforts. However, narrowing the question to focus only on the "why" question may make your project a little easier because you would be dealing with less material. The interviews (and transcripts and analysis) might be shorter as you would not be dealing with the effects of the relapse -- only with the causes of it. With the broader question, you would be getting into how the relapse made them feel, etc.

    Keep us posted,
    llg (who first name, by the way WashYaHands, is also Linda)