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  1. I got into healthcare after September 11, along with many others who felt that they needed to do something meaningful. After finishing CNA training I started work in a nursing home.

    What a slap in the face. Most people don't care about the people. The administrator is only worried about herself. She lies to her staff and then tells more lies to cover it up. I recently started nursing school and upon hire was told that I would be supported schedule wise, didn't happen. But, I'm going off on a tangent.

    Since I have been a CNA I have witnessed too much of the power over people. Aide's yelling at the resident's. Treating them like children. Aide's are generally early 20's into 30's telling 80-90 year old people how to act, how to talk, when to sleep. My thoughts are...How do we keep the dignity of our job? How do we not get sucked into that power trip after awhile?

    I started this job wanting to help and lately I come home wanting to cry. In the beginning of my career I reported someone for abuse and it blew up in my face. I was ignored, talked about and not supported. I have survived that only to find myself to scared to speak up against people that act ways they shouldn't. The state is so worried about procedures. Maybe they should look at how the aide's talk to the patient's.
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  3. by   l.rae sound like a truley caring person and this professio n sure could use more....verbal abuse is abuse....go over their heads...l am not sure who you should contact, but hopefully someone will catch up with thread and direct you...don't give up....maybe you will go on and be a nurse...then you will have at least a little more authoraty to deal with these small the mean time you keep on being the sweet caring individual that you are.....LR
  4. by   Jenny P
    Angelis, the state dept. of health is the place you shoud report abuse; but you should be aware that you will be harassed, blackballed and possibly fired for reporting someone. Does that mean you shouldn't report abuse? No, but be sure to have a thick skin and DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT! In other words, CYA and make sure you are doing everything right yourself.

    Having the employees being rude to the residents is totally wrong and unethical. I do not understand this type of behavior and why these types of people work with our geriatric population- who really should receive this society's respect and care.
  5. by   boggle
    A facility that continually allows/ accepts disrespectful treatment of their residents does not deserve you!!

    Keep your eyes open for another facility where respect is the norm, not the exception. These place do exist and thrive! (I know of a few in mid-Michigan!) Think about applying for a job where you can live with the ethics of the place and it's people.

    Sure there are less than desirable workers and managers in just about any job, healthcare included. With the troubled economics healthcare faces, folks are getting a bit "testy". Still, the basic caring attitude shines through in the acute care setting I work in and nursings homes I visit. ( I've been to a few that break my heart too!)

    I hope you find a more supportive place to work. Please, Please go for your RN and spread your positive attitude around. :kiss
  6. by   2amigos
    Congratulations on your career choice. I've worked for years in a group home with older MR's. Believe me they vary from company to company. Hopefully there is another company that you can work for. You might want to check out group homes as well. I really enjoyed it, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. Good luck with you schooling! We need more out there like you!
  7. by   Gator,SN
    My thoughts are...How do we keep the dignity of our job? How do we not get sucked into that power trip after awhile?
    I would say that this is easy, if you remember that their is no power in being mean to a helpless elderly person who cannot defend themself.
    Sounds like your co-workers are real jerks!

    Look for a new job, and chalk this one up to learning the things that you should never do!

    Best wishes to you!

  8. by   P_RN
    Angelis, thank you for becoming a CNA. Your elderly patients are indeed blessed when you care for them.

    Sometimes I think people were raised in a barn or bar room the way they yell at others. But to do that to one of our Seniors is disgraceful!!!

    Would that you had a tiny tape recorder, little birdie on the wall......hmmmmm
  9. by   psychonurse
    I agree with the posts that state move to another facility cause if you report it you will probably lose your job from the suits. But until you leave, document everything that you do so that they don't try to come after you......I love nursing but you need to get to somewhere that you enjoy your job and like to go to work everyday....