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There is a time and place for opinion, and, there is not a time and place for opinion. I am embarrassed by my lack of discipline at I started out as an exrememly happy man (still am)... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    All right, BUT,
    I understand the emotional and physical body are one. So, if you exclaim a thought (process) that causes a wound to bleed, thats not good. I don't know whats in the minds of peoples emotions. Therefore, I should not embark on topics that might disturb and/or cause distress. It's a courtesy to avoid such topics. Not all people are going to get into free and uninhibited speech. That goes for cyber or real life.
    Just like I would not like to have anyone push me with religious dogma, I should not push with free thought. It just makes sense. If i was back on the corner in NYC, then, things are different, and it's accepted that you may hear stuff outside the norm there. Here, it's all people, and some folks, respectfully, shouldn't be riled up. We ain't in NYC anymore, Toto :-) We are in student nurse and sensitive nurse land, so, you need to watch your behavior.
    Thanks for listening, and it does not mean I will inhibit myself. It's my maturation process as I develop the nursing mind. Respect all, as i would want all to respect me. It's kind of simple. Don't worry because unless you give me a lobotomy, my visions and thoughts will always be in the present, and in the future, and in the past, all at the same time :-)
  2. by   hoolahan
    Mario, are you bucking for manager or something? Lighten up dude!! Be yourself, please!!

    I watched the Oscars last night, and I was looking forward to Whoopi Goldberg wisecracking her way thru the evening...but to my dismay, she was so politically correct, it was BORING!!! Don't do it, be REAL!!! Since when did becoming a nurse mean you had to check your personality at the door?? Everyone has a choice here, meaning if they don't like what you post, they can 1) not read it, or even 2) put you on their ignore list. So, that said....

    Stop this pity party at once! Get back to the real Mario, whose posts I enjoyed reading very much. When you get flamed, throw water back! Or just let the little fires burn until they snuff themselves out. OK? Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...The Mario Show...

    (BTW, are you feeling up ResusaAnnie there, exactly where is your hand on that manequin??? :chuckle)
  3. by   prmenrs
    I second Hoolio!

    If you're gonna put your 2 cents worth in, be prepared to take whatever comes back!

    This will actually HELP you in your nursing career, because sooner or later, you're going to make a suggestion to a doc, and he or she is going to look at you as if you're from Mars, and tell you where to put your g.d. suggestion.

    You can't take stuff personally, or you'll go thru life very unhappy, and unhappy is NOT you. OK?
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    Originally posted by mario_ragucci
    I should not embark on topics that might disturb and/or cause distress. It's a courtesy to avoid such topics.
    Oh Mario, as nurses we often have to embark on topics with our patients/coworkers/managers that disturb and cause distress. You can't tip toe through life not "disturbing" anyone. I know you know that, and that's what attracts me to your posts. The day you start being ultimate politically correct nursing student is the day you lose my interest.

    Hoolahan... you hit the nail on the head, but I just had to put in my own 2 pennies.

  5. by   mario_ragucci
    All right - sometimes, I see me as other people see me. I don't know why I do that, but I do. So, I don't always have the formula to turn a frown upsidedown.

    The dummies are pretty boring, and I'd rather work with real people. Though the dummies skin is soft, and they make a purring sound if you rub them in a certain way :-)

    And by the way, I like anchovies and pesto on my pizza, so, you don't have to eat it or try it. Now I am bugging out :-0 Just kidding. Just because a topping is not available doesn't mean you can't ask for it. The cheese has to be quality to go with the anchovies. You can't have anchovie pizza with cheap cheese. It's sacraligious :-)

    Thank you for the sounding board, I love you, in a nurse loving way.
  6. by   hoolahan
    Now that's more like it!

    (Are you saying you'd rather feel up real woman? That's a relief!)

    PS Heather, I think YOU hit the nail on the we EVER have to get into disturbing topics with our pt's! Good advice!
  7. by   mario_ragucci
    Before I go on a date, i'd like to give my date a bed bath first. This way, i can inspect their dermis, and see if they have any electricity or not. I'd let them give me a bed bath too. I need to have a sponaneous relationship with a female student nurse or pre-existing nurse, for my own benifit. Having such a relationship would have a mutual trade off.
  8. by   pkmom
    Some great posts here. Mario, you said something earlier about your opinion not being valid in the breakroom with the ladies discussing relationships. to that I must say that any comment is valid if it is how you truely feel. If it is a fact that one is stating, then it must be valid. It is hard to argue with valid facts.
  9. by   mario_ragucci
    You are honorable people PK MOM :-) Now I know what that other old expression means, when people say, "I beg to differ." Sometimes you have to really beg to differ. At some point in time, people must have had to ask permission to speak.
    In a break room, you don't have to beg, but you are "open season" anytime you come up with a different opinion on some subjects.
    I respect your opinions and beliefs, PK MOM, and although I don't agree sometimes, I'd fight anything which tried to take away your expression. We all have opinions, which add color to our world.
    Enough warm and humid carbon dioxide from Mario's nursing mind :-)
  10. by   pkmom
    Originally posted by mario_ragucci

    In a break room, you don't have to beg, but you are "open season" anytime you come up with a different opinion on some subjects.
    I don't care! Everyone is entitles to their own ideas, If I have to listen to theirs, they will probably have to listen to mine and vice versa. If they want to throw a fit, its just water off my back.
  11. by   micro
    Hoolihan, said it well.......
    Don't do REAL.......

    a friend and I at work last night were talking about just that subject.......being REAL.........I don't do "keeping up with the Joneses' either".........????? keeping up with the Joneses a universally understand jargon.......or is my country side coming through.....

    in the ????? of break rooms.........micro often just sits, or walks off unit for few minutes of isol......or if micro opens os.....then she takes the risk of others accepting what she says or thinking what the hey'.........

    which to I say.........hey, anyway.....

    there is a time to be alone,
    there is a time to be silent,
    there is a time to be quiet and professional,
    there is a time to be your heart and mind all the time.....

    discussing religion, sex and politics.........there is a time and a purpose for everything.........turn, turn, turn.......

    and RISK

    hey all keep on posting, caring and bug out:-O
  12. by   judy ann
    Mario, If anyone here has a problem with your entries, he/she can choose to not read them. If anyone in the break room (or where ever) has a problem with your opinions, they may choose to leave. As for me, I ain't goin' nowhere. I always enjoy/learn/think about what you talk about. Thank you.
  13. by   stevierae
    Hi Mario--

    I'm glad you're starting to lighten up and not take yourself so seriously!! Nurses are the most irreverent people in the world. There is very little we haven't heard before; very little that we find shocking or offensive.

    Now, you look like a nice young man. You and I both live in the Portland area. Maybe I should introduce you to my daughters, who are 21 and 24. They are not nurses, but one works for the Blazers, so always has Blazer tickets!

    Where do you go to nursing school? Do you go to Linfield?