The Nightmare is OVER

  1. :mortarboard:I finally had the NERVE to go to pearsonvue and check on my NCLEX RN test results. took the test friday 13th.....a good omen?????? The computer stoped at question 77 and I sank, wondering WHY???? did't I even get a chance to prove that I knew this stuff,,, Well.......I paid my $7.95 and there it was "pass" Oh My Goddess..... I couldn't believe it........ I called my nurse manager and told her that I am an RN... I was the last LPN in our department, and I wanted this so bad..... Kaplan review I love you...... It's OVER....... now on to my lifeBellaluna
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    Good for you!!

    Please do something nice for yourself to celebrate this wonderful milestone. Also, consider having a bonfire with some of your less worthy texts. LOL.
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    That is so awesome. Congratulations!
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    Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Hello NURSE! Congratulations!