the happy neighborhood pharmacist

  1. a few days ago i hurt my back at work. ive been on bedrest since and today i had to travel back to the emergency room to be reevaluated.
    its either a muscle or a disc and in both cases theres not much to do other than treat the pain and wait for it to heal.

    i got a script for 12 percocet's. since i was in pain my fiancee took the perscription to the drug store to get it filled. i have an account with these pharmacies and he had the perscription so i didnt see a problem with him filling it.

    he gave the pharmacist my script and he looked me up on the computer. sure enuff i did have an acct there but he refused to fill the script. my finacee didnt have my insurance card.
    12 percocet's arent even covered by my insurance.
    my fiancee asked the pharmacist to call me at home to verify the script.
    he said no.

    i had to get dressed and go to the pharmacy myself.
    now i understand that percocet is a controlled substance but for goodness sake if someone is going to try to sneak drugs thru like that it stands to reason they would try to get more than 12.
    in addition my fiancee gave the pharmacist my address and my other personal info.
    yeah i was pissed but i could still kinda understand it still since im a nurse.
    i got out of bed, got dressed and went to the pharmacy. at first i thought i was in the land of keebler facing one of the elves.

    i put the script on the counter and asked him why i needed to stop bedrest to come in for such a stupid little perscription.
    he went on telling me about the controlled substance law....blah blah blah...
    i told him i know a nurse.

    then he starts telling me that he told my fiance that he only needed to bring in my insurance card to pick that up.
    well ok...whatever.....just fill the perscription.

    he took the script and walked behind the counter. in a few minutes he came back out and complained about the way my fiancee was looking at him.
    "he looks like he is staring holes straight thru me. if he doesnt stop im not filling this"

    i couldnt believe

    i didnt care who was looking at who how...i just wanted my script filled. i was in a lot of pain and i wanted to go back to bed.

    i told him...look, just fill the damn perscription.

    he more word and im not filling this.

    my fiancee and i just looked at each other.

    the pharmacist went behind the counter and in a few minutes he came back out to complain again about how he was being looked at...

    nobody was looking at him like anything. i thought the script was just about filled. he kept coming from behind the counter and goading us.

    i had enuff and yelled....just fill the damn perscription ok?

    he went behind the counter and came back out again telling me he didnt like my attitude when i said to just fill the damn perscription. and he wasnt going to fill it if i kept that up.


    i went down the road and got it filled somewhere else.
    i still cant believe this
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  3. by   spudflake
    Did you know that in some areas you can get $25 for each percocet?? Vicodins are pilling in $15
  4. by   P_RN
    Sound as if there may be a need for a call to the State Board of Pharmacy.

    More to the point, I wonder if "Dr. Drug" maybe didn't have his DEA CII records in order?

  5. by   frustratedRN
    going rate here on the street i hear, is 10 bucks a piece for the percs.
    isnt that assinine?
    im not saying the pharmacist shouldnt have been just saying once i was there and he knew who i was he should have just filled it. then i woulda been on my this guy was on some kind of power trip.

    meanwhile...a former in law of mine was getting scripts for vicodin. if she got a script for 10 she changed it to 100.
    she did her doctor shopping and found where she could go to get them the easiest. now she did have a legitimate medical condition that warrented the script but what doc writes out scripts for vics by the thousands per month? same patient.
    she got them all filled at the same pharmacy.
    she was high all the time and made a pretty decent living at the same time.

    im always amazed by how much ppl will spend on these stupid drugs.
    if ppl are paying 20-25 for one much does heroin cost?
    anybody have a ballpark figure?
  6. by   Zee_RN
    Hey FrustratedRN...was it a Pharmacy chain store or an independent store? Post the name so all of us Pittsburghers know not to go there.....

    One of the doctors I know well told me a patient of his came in and told her she had to change doctors. He asked her why and she said her pharmacist (in Murrysville--about 25-30 miles east of Pittsburgh) told her to go back "to the city" to get her prescription filled because "you got yerself a Jewish doctor there" and he wasn't gonna fill it. I was flabberghasted. He didn't know the pharmacy I can't even protest. Honestly, I thought in this day in this country things like that didn't really happen.
  7. by   frustratedRN
    it was eckerd pharmacy in springdale.
    geez i didnt know that pharmacists got to pick the scripts they want to fill especially based on

    tomorrow im making some calls. i have honestly never heard of any person working with the public acting like that.
    can you imagine him being on my floor and my sayin...if your wife looks at me like that again im not going to provide your care.

    hey z....hear anything bout the interview yet?
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Info from eckerds web site:

    You can also write to us at our headquarters in sunny Florida: 8333 Bryan Dairy Road, Largo, Florida 33777.

    Or call us toll free at (1-800-325-3737) or fax us at (727) 395-7063.

    Ask An Eckerd Customer Service Representative
    7 days a week, toll free, at 1-800-Eckerds,
    Monday thru Friday, 6AM - Midnight (EST)
    Saturday and Sunday, 9AM - 6PM (EST)

    PA State Board of Pharmacy:

    To File a Complaint

    If you believe the practice or the service provided by a licensed professional to be unethical, immoral, below an acceptable standard of practice or out of the scope of the profession, you are urged to contact the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs and file a complaint.

    By Telephone:
    in Pennsylvania: 1-800-822-2113
    out of state: 1-717-783-4854

    Download the Complaint Form
    Using PDF Documents and Adobe Acrobat Reader
  9. by   Doey
    frustrated I thought the same thing when I read your post. What would happen if we said we weren't going to give someone pain med, do a treatment or whatever because of the way they looked at us or acted toward us?? Cripe, if I went by that on some nights I wouldn't being doing much of anything. And not filling the script because the doctor was Jewish!! You've got to be kidding. Where do these "professionals" get off. NRSKaren has some good links. I just can't believe this.
  10. by   frustratedRN
    thank you so much nursekrn....that was so nice of you to gather those for me.
    thanks thanks thanks

    gotta go....letters to write
  11. by   TracyB,RN
    Very strange behavior from that pharmamcist. Paranoid, maybe he is dipping into the Perc himself.
  12. by   JennieBSN
    What a FREAK!!! FrustratedRN, that SUCKS!! My God, since when could you not LOOK at someone???

    Write those letters, woman!!! Tell us what happens...

    Yeesh!! Hope you're feeling better.
  13. by   frustratedRN

    i guess you can look at somebody IF you arent drilling holes into them with your

    i still cant get over him acting like that. i cant even be pissed anymore...its too crazy.

    i did talk to the president of the eckerd branch stores yesterday.
    they are sending me a gift certificate and are looking into his behavior.
    apologies of course.

    im truly wondering if that pharmicutical god was dippin in the percocet's too. maybe thats why he didnt want to fill them.
  14. by   soundsLikesirens
    Glad you reported the creep!