The GOOD things about nursing - why are we still doing it

  1. I have seen and participated in many forums here where ppl have shared angst and pain related to various issues in their nursing careers. But there are so many of us still here, so why are we (still here)? Good points:
    1. Watching someone walk out the door when the "gods" decided that they wouldn't leave the hospital at all
    2. Watching someone with a chronic or terminal condition gain control over their management

    Any other ideas? Social life, family life, money, its your call...
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  3. by   nursemike
    Had a patient ask me, awhile back, "Have you been doing my assessment last because I talk so much?" I told him, truthfully, that I had been alternating him with another fellow down the hall who also liked to chat (doing one last on one round, and the other on the next.)
    He replied, "Well, thank you, I appreciate that." (Most of my pts that night were for epilepsy monitoring, and not terribly sick.)
    Can't say I love it while it's happening, but I do get a lot of satisfaction when I'm able to calm a confused and agitated patient with words, instead of meds or restraints.
    A busy night, when I'm running all night to keep ahead of things (as opposed to running all night and falling behind). It's a great feeling to be on top of a tough assignment--wish it happened more often...the being on top of it, I mean.
    My co-workers. Especially on weekend nights, I work with a team of nurses who can handle anything. Other nights and the rest of our staff are pretty good, too.
  4. by   meownsmile
    I have a very good friend/neighbor who just got a very bad terminal dx. Even in his cloudiness with pain medication he is looking for me there and WANTS ME there. I can take care of him the way he wants to be taken care of and it is my greatest pleasure to be able to take some of the burden off his family with them knowing i am around in the hospital.
    I dont really do anything more for them that I would any one other patient but to know its comforting to them that I can be there for him is all i need.
    After being a nurse for quite a while, it makes it worth it everyday to know i can be a friend caring for friends.
  5. by   clee1
    The very BEST thing about Nursing is the occasional sincere "thank you" from a patient who is discharging.

    Makes up for all the politics, stress, and code browns.
  6. by   gr8rnpjt
    I just really like the job diversity. I thank God that I had alternatives to bedside nursing when I burned out and needed a change.
  7. by   Lacie
    How can you ever get bored in this profession. How many other professions have such the degree of diversity that the nursing field has. If I get burnt out in one then I can take a break and move to the next area I have interest in. When I needed a break from pt care/bedside then I went to casemanagement with the insurance industry. Hours can be flexible in certain areas to help with raising family. You can leave for a couple of years and come back also with most places willing to help you do so. This is one industry that isnt "going out of business" anytime soon so job security is another and the pay which could be better isnt as bad as some other professions. Most of all we sometimes can really feel this is a thankless job until you get that dozen roses a few days after you lost that special patient in the unit from a family who couldnt say enough about how well they feel thier dying father appreciated the special attention they believe he got. (this happened to me over 20 years ago and still sticks in my mind). Yes there are times I get discouraged but when you consider it overall it's better than most jobs out there.
  8. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I've been doing this for 28 years. I love the patients and the families.I hate the way things have changed in the clinical setting and the paperwork is atrocious and obnoxious. It gets you away from the bedside and takes away from care. No one suffers but the patient it seems. It helps us all out if we move forward. It can be done with less burden and more care.
  9. by   lauralassie
    Because, despite all of the changes admin thinks are working, and all of the changes in the health care system in general. I still love to care for someone in need. I suppose in a way it's a selfish thing. When someone is able to dye with dignity or you know you have actually helped someone, then my sole feels a little better. You know those times when you get direct contact with a pt's eyes and you know that what your doing is appriciated , even if words arn't spoken. That's the things that keep me going.
  10. by   TazziRN
    Because of the little boy whose parents brought him to the ER for fecal impaction. He had a large bolus stuck at the anus and was in agony, with bleeding from fissures. All I did was disimpact him. The parents were so grateful for that and kept saying "Thank you" over and over and over. That set of parents and others like them make up for all the crap we put up with and the mistreatment from other pts and families.
  11. by   Tiwi
    I love the fact you are working with ppl, not machines or sitting behind desks. Its great to be able to listen, even if you can't solve their problems, though sometimes the opportunity in this job is not always there due to time constraints.

    Shiftwork - I had to work 2 months no lates or nights and I missed it! The evenings allow you to be much more independent in your judgement once the med teams leave. No shift work also means you can't go shopping when there is noone else around eg Mon morning, when there are heaps of car parks, and no kids cos they are in school

    There is a range of fields too. After nursing medical as an EN for 12 years I had to work in other areas as part of RN prac. Loved the variation, and in my first year I'm looking forward to the rotations - presently in day surgery

    Travel and nursing go hand in hand too. A friend found she was able to travel half way around Australia by working in both country and city hospitals. I want to try the same.

    I'll keep thinking...
  12. by   allantiques4me
    Possibly the impact Ive made .A patient Ive taken care of 25 years ago, still contacts me and remembers my birthdayevery year.Thats a long ,long time.
  13. by   dbihl
    Quote from gr8rnpjt
    I just really like the job diversity. I thank God that I had alternatives to bedside nursing when I burned out and needed a change.

    I love the alnternative's as well, part of the reason I picked the field. What alternative did you choose, I am working in a progressive care MPCU.
  14. by   Tiwi
    Quote from allantiques4me
    Possibly the impact Ive made .A patient Ive taken care of 25 years ago, still contacts me and remembers my birthdayevery year.Thats a long ,long time.
    I love it when you meet ppl in the street; they say hi and thankyou, maybe introduce you to friends and/pr relatives with them (its embarrassing when sometimes you don't remember them though), but I have never had anyone ring me for my birthday. You must have made an impression