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I come here because of hearing of the Bulletin Board is the best of online nursing discussions in the world. In fact, this is the best nursing-site. I learn much from you! Thank that Read More

  1. by   a-rose is the best nursing-site and I come here often and often, but I want to look around the other excellent nursing-site in English. Who could offer it?
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  2. by   nursedawn67
    a-rose...I have to agree this is the best site with the best BB!
  3. by   a-rose
    Originally posted by cargal
    It's very cold here, and we keep getting slammed with snow that makes driving very difficult! Can't wait until springtime!
    Now, it-s cold here, too. I live in a place where is distinct spring, summer, autumn and winter. By accident, we see snow. I like snow very much! I dream that I could go to skee someday.
  4. by   a-rose
    I have put three threads about psychological question, but they were deleted. I want to know that they were deleted. Though they were not belong to nursing directly, I think that they were correlation whit nursing.
    I hope that the administrators tell me why when my thread was (or will be) deleted. And like it to any one.
    Merry Christmas to all !!!
  5. by   canoehead
    Don't know why they were deleted Rose, but if/when I find out I will let you know. I haven't run across them yet.

    Anyone else?
  6. by   Sheri257
    Originally posted by brian

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you are enjoying the site and finding it helpful. That's pretty cool that people as far away as China are talking about being the "best of online nursing discussions in the world". I'm kind of biased, but I have to agree
    There is a wealth of information here Brian. Thank you so much.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN

    All your posts are here.

    Click on profile- blue button at bottom of message area

    Then click on "Find threads started by a-rose"
    to find all threads you started.

    How to do mental nursing?

    The mental heath or psychological counseling

    Psychological Counseling

    You can also search single posts that you responded too in the profile section.

    Sometimes many people post ideas without reading threads, so your thread/question drops off the page but is listed on the second or third page.
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  8. by   a-rose
    Thank you very much!
    The old three threads about psychological question were deleted. And is put just now, is after I put the above.
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  9. by   suzanne4
    Please look at our website:
    We are based in Bangkok, Thailand and offer conversational english programs for nurses. We also do frequent inservices on American-style nursing, which is quite different from the way that they actually practice here. They have to ask the doctor for everything and before doing anything. Funny thing is that the nurses all have 4 year degrees and many have their Master's and the med schools here are a combination program for only 6 years yet the docs are put on pedestals, and the nurses? I am trying to fix that and get the nurses more respect for what they do. You are more than welcome to come for a visit and attend any of our programs.

    Good luck to you........................
  10. by   a-rose
    Thanks for suzanne4-s answer!
    Just now I see your website, you are a great female.
    Are not the classes on your website free?
  11. by   suzanne4
    The workshops are free but not the classes, as this is my business. You are more than welcome to attend any of them, including the classes as my guest. We are also able to accept students from China into our programs that want to improve their English speaking skills. We also have a speech pathologist from California that works with getting the pronunciation just right as many of the Asian languages do not have the same letter combinations that we do.

    Glad that you liked my website.
  12. by   a-rose
    Just now I find two of three threads about psychological question I had put before, two appear again. Though I used search single posts, even I find it page by page, I haven-t found them. Now it is here again. Why? I puzzle.
    And I find that I see this thread just now doesn-t appear at the front, according as time sequence it is at the front, but in fact, it is not. My threads disappeared return again, may be that the administrators get back it , and the website seems to use a deluding program.
    Thanks this website let me have April Fools- Day and Christmas
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    We are glad you are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!