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I love the BB. I was wondering something. (I havent been here long). Some situations at work are discussed in detail here. Has anyone ever been "found out" at work? I mean someone writing... Read More

  1. by   bagladyrn
    My rule of thumb is not to say anything on these boards I wouldn't talk about in the break room at work. Being a pretty outspoken person, that's a wide latitude. In fact some of our 3 a.m. conversations at work definitely wouldn't get past Brian If I have an opinion on someone or something (other than a patient), I generally tell them what I think of them anyway - told a doctor the other night we were going to talk about him behind his back after he left and laugh.
    So that's why I really don't worry about someone recognizing me here.
  2. by   nimbex
    I have given out my state, city and hospital name, when appropriate before... so if someone hell bent on being a butt wanted to track me down they could.

    I never post anything that I would want to wiggle out later. But I am comfortable posting here, not anything I wouldn't say to anyone when confronted.

    We have to have each others backs...period.
  3. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Nobody can blame you for anything said here unless you let them.

    There is a way, which I will not mention or convey to anyone by PM, email, in which an sob can obtain personal information about a poster. If they wish to go to such trouble, it can be done, but nothing can ever come of it if you hold true to denial. IP addresses change constantly on cable internet, remote access can be obtained with your screename and password. It is not possible to verify within a reasonable doubt that it was you and not someone whithin your circle.

    Keep your posts vague. NEVER admit to a post in question.

    If you are asked for anything from a screenname you don't know inform the board with a post.