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  1. by   Indy
    I think I would not be opposed to the BNE proposing to end the possibility of working more than 13 hours per 24 hour period. I say 13 because some of us get there early, and a lot of us leave late. That would help put a lid on mandatory overtime at the end of a shift, which is when it's most harmful. Just leave out the part about how many days in a row a person can work.

    Also. If they'd include all medical professionals it would be nice. And make it a part of the state labor law instead of "nurses aren't allowed" to do something. Force the facility to be liable under the state law instead of making the language more punitive towards nurses for "working too much."

    Personally I don't like to do more than 3 shifts of 12 hrs., without some time off. I've done 4 in a row and once 5. That was exhausting and I didn't think I was in good shape the last nights- everything that went wrong was funny to me and I didn't appreciate coping in that manner, because some things that really aren't funny were hilarious. But I do know people who can do more days in a row than me, and I don't want to butt into their business of making a living as long as they're able to do the work and be safe.

    This would be a good area for nursing research, btw.
  2. by   ZASHAGALKA
    As far as I can tell, the proposal 'encourages' employers to regulate the hours that their nurses work to correspond with the proposal limits.

    The actual enforcement is not directed towards hospitals, but rather, towards nurses: IF you get reported to the board for ANY OTHER reason, and during the board's investigation it turns out that you violated this standard, THEN the board will add a charge of unprofessional conduct that places patient safety at risk.

    All of you thinking this will end hospitals treating nurses this way or that: only nurses will be penalized under this proposal; not hospitals.

  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    I'm glad this proposal is being considered far along in my custody arrangements where 'standing orders' are not strictly enforced by either me or my ex.

    Under 'standard orders' for custody, given this directive, I would be forced to choose between supporting and/or actually seeing my kids or obeying the proposal. My kids would win and my professional nursing practice would always be in jeopardy.

    It would no longer be a case of: THAT place puts my license at risk. No, instead, EVERYPLACE puts my license at risk.

    Very Poor Form, BNE, to not consider child custody and child support in the tailoring of rules that are hostile to both.

  4. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Standard non-custodial orders in Texas allow for custody every other weekend, and on weds overnight if parents have joint custody and live within 100 miles of each other.

    This means that, in any given 2 week pay period, I have a week with almost no access to kids (from thurs morning to the next wed after school) and a week with almost ALL of my access to the kids (Wed, Fri-Sun, Wed).

    The best way to take advantage of this, especially if you work nights and want to sleep the night BEFORE custody so that you are actually awake when the kids are awake, --- the BEST way to take advantage of the way custody falls is to work the bulk of your 6 regular 12 hr shifts over that 2 week period during the non-custody week.

    Many times during the early years of my divorce, I worked Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue to get my full time hours in before my 5/7 nights of custody began that wed after school. That doesn't include OT but what it DOES do is arrange my life and work schedule around my kids.

    The result of the new regulations? 2 of those 6 regular shifts would NOW have to occur within my frame of custody. And that's not even including overtime (and anybody paying large amounts of child support should recognize the need for that overtime at times).

    What a poor, anti-family proposal! Shame, SHAME on the BNE for not considering that placing nursing working families in dire straits will ALSO affect working environments.

    Shame on you, BNE.

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  5. by   ZASHAGALKA
    TEXAS BNE sends Nursing Work Hours Proposal "Back to Committee":

    "The Board delayed taking action on the proposed position statement . . . so that consideration of feedback from nurses and the public could be considered."

    11,785 individual on-line responses, 95% of them negative towards the proposal.

    More than 200 nurses appeared before the Board in person or by written comment, 167 of them negative of the proposal.