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  1. by   vamedic4
    As a former field medic I can only say that from my experience, LTC seems to be the place where we (as prehospital providers) find so many things WRONG with patients. Like the time we were called out to a "fall" in a nursing home to find the 84 year old patient lying in bed with an OBVIOUS femur fracture- which stemmed from a nurse and an aide trying unsuccessfully to get her into bed. We were called the day AFTER this happened.
    But for me at least, those calls were few and far between. As an EMT, you feel like you really "know something." And to a certain extent that's true.
    As a paramedic, you see that there's soooooo much you don't know, and the amount of responsibility you have is so great - you just hope you're up to the task of caring for people who are so ill.

    I apologize to all of you who have had such bad experiences with EMTs or paramedics. The people you mention obviously have unresolved issues somewhere. They don't understand that it's not about always doing 90 with lights and sirens blaring as we bring in a traumatic arrest. It's about the more simple things - respect for your patients, your colleagues...which include nurses, and respect for yourself. None of which occurs when we constantly berate each other.

    Have a great day.

  2. by   hogan4736
    Quote from betweenprofessions
    ...and many times you all are limited with supplies and equipment to treat a patient in a medical emergency. And any paramedic that is disrespectful to you because you perhaps don't have the patient on high-flow 02 (only have NC's or SFM's in the facility)then that person is just plain ignorant of your capabilities. It does not mean that you are incompetent.
    If a LTC does not have a NRB, THAT is a problem...
  3. by   betweenprofessions
    Quote from hogan4736
    If a LTC does not have a NRB, THAT is a problem...
    Honestly, I've seen many nursing homes that do not have non-rebreathing masks. Whether it be for financial or treatment reasons, they do not keep them in stock.

    They have BVM's, but not NRB's. :wink2:
  4. by   banditrn
    At our LTC facility, I can never find supplies when I need them - they tell me that it's because the managing corporation won't let them order anything except once a month, and then there doesn't seem to be any sense or reason to what they order. I would be happy to try to work up some kind of system, but they want me to do it on my OWN time.

    I don't have time to do it when I'm on duty, but they routinely run out of things like gloves, alcohol swabs, etc. I recently had to put a patient on O2 one nite, and there were NONE where there were supposed to be - I finally found some in a dusty old box on a shelf that was far out of my reach!!

    When I notice that they are getting low on something, I leave a note for the DON, but that doesn't mean that she will order them! NRB? Heck no, they don't have any!!
  5. by   jetscreamer101
    I don't usually have a problem with the EMTs or Paramedics that come to my LTC facility. But as a general rule, I'm there to give any information the responders need to know. If it's not an emergent transfer, like dehydrated from 3 days of N/V/D or shoulder discomfort from a fall 2 days after the fall(not excrutiating pain, full ROM, no obvious Fx) but doc wants it evaluated in ER, I'll try to get family in to transport or use facility vehicle if available. Doesn't always work out, but I try.