Ten More Reasons to Become a Nurse

  1. 1. To prove once and for all that you do have a strong stomach.

    2. You have an overwhelming urge to humiliate doctors ... or marry them.

    3. To prove to everyone that an "A" in high school chemistry does mean something, after all.

    4. White is your color.

    5. You blew your chance to become a nun / priest ... at age fourteen!

    6. You're a natural-born "night person."

    7. You still love to "assist" when playing doctor.

    8. You went to visit a friend in the hospital ... and never left.

    9. You flunked out of ballet school.

    10. You couldn't get an acting role on ER, so you opted for the real thing.
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  3. by   sharann
    11. You get to see your friends and family turn a variety of interesting colors at the dinner table(after you share THOSE stories)

    Thanks betts, your threads always make me smile.A sense of humor is an often underscored trait of a successful person, especially in our line of work.
  4. by   mario_ragucci
    12. Because you have the gift and the life to give, and you want to give it, because it makes you feel good.
  5. by   mistersleepy
    13. Because I can work three days a week and make how much?!
  6. by   hpyrn
    14. Cause I can wear my pajamas to work, or at least feel like I did.
  7. by   dawngloves
    Hey! I heard some of the nurse extras on ER are actual ER RNs!
  8. by   KimiDS
    Because it is better than you ever imagined it to be;
    Because it is worse than you ever imagined it to be;
    Because you get back so much more than you give;
    Because they take more than you have to give;
    But in the end......

    Because there is nothing else on this earth you can see yourself doing.
  9. by   live4today
    (1) You are needed!

    (2) You are the backbone of all patient care!

    (3) If you don't, who will?

    (4) Just look at all the bennies you get?

    (5) To look sexy in your scrubs, your uniform, your white lab coat?

    (6) You crave excess stress in your already stressed out life?

    (7) You need to serve, to love, to give of yourself to others!

    (8) You have this overwhelming desire to feel important?

    (9) The doctors need you to care for their patients 24/7 so they don't have to? :chuckle

    (10) Who else would Nursing Supervisors and Nurse Managers have to boss around and put in their place?
  10. by   micro
    #15)in addendum to #14---------when scrubs feel more comfortable than even blue jeans, then you know you are a nurse.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #16)when more than 2 days off, feels like you have neglected someone........it is time to go back to work and you know that you are a nurse...............

  11. by   micro
    #17)mister sleepy how $$$$$$$$$?


    yeah, right that is why I am here........but you can make a decent buck here......no offense mister sleepy.........
  12. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    From deep in the heart of Texas

    In the years Ive been a nurse, Ive raised 7 kids, almost. Made a respectable living. Got my golf handicap down to a 5. What more can you ask for

    keep it in the short grass yall
  13. by   highasthesky
    Have 4 people in the family who are nurses.........
    Had to print this thread, I know they'll get a kick out of it!
  14. by   NurseDennie
    The opportunity to spend all the holidays with your friends - at work! (G)