Tecoma Washinton

  1. I got offered a travel assignment up there. Any thoughts about this area. I don't know much about it, but it looks like nice area on the internet.
    Thanks motomanRN:uhoh21:
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  3. by   Larry77
    I love the NW it is green and never gets too hot or too cold. Tacoma is a pretty large city (second biggest in Wash after Seattle) and depending on what hospital and what dept I guess would determine how crazy it would get--I wouldn't want to work ED in an inner city area hosp that's for sure

    I live about an hour from Tacoma so if you have any specific questions about the area let me know...
  4. by   Antikigirl
    Actually it is Tacoma...TA CO MA.

    It is a lovely area! So green!!!!!!!!! The puget sound is awesome, and you are but a ferry boat ride from all the San Juan islands, Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver BC..the works! My favorite spots in the world!!!!!! Like Orcas..you will find them nearby!!!!!!!

    But...it rains, and rains! So be aware of that! Winds can get heavy too...just like living on the beach (you are on the sound..but weather like the coast)! BUT...that does not detour the beauty of this area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everything you need is there too...everything in five minutes....secluded nature 10-30 minutes away! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

    I would certainly recomend it for people that adore nature, wildlife, and are outgoing (even mildly outgoing!). Too much lovelyness to see, and minutes away from just about anything you want (skiier/snowboarder? Got that too!!!!!!!).

    Once you see those Olympics (mountain range) rising up on one side, and sea/sound waters on the other...you know..you are in paradise!!!!!!!!

    Larry and I can fill ya in on specifics! I am from Oregon but stayed in Tacoma and Bremerton for a long time, and 4 times a year since infancy stayed up in the Seattle and Belevue areas where I camped or stayed in the Tacoma area and beyond!(with my grandparents each summer!). I love that area so much...and would consider moving there if I didn't have a little piece of heaven right where I am (coastal mountains south...in Oregon).
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  5. by   buddiage
    Take it-
    I'm from Tacoma, just moved to Missouri two years ago.

    Tacoma has a pretty side (North Tacoma and the waterfront- also Point Defiance zoo). Tacoma has an "ugly" side too. There are parts of Tacoma, Spanaway, Parkland, that have thier share of thugs...like everywhere. Downtown Puyallup has some neat places, old houses, and neat shops (home of the state fair, too).
    Visit Seattle (or course), or drive to Mt. Rainier.
    It's not raining now, but it will be!


    Oh- traffic is horrible, that is the major drawback.
  6. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from motomanrn
    i got offered a travel assignment up there. any thoughts about this area. i don't know much about it, but it looks like nice area on the internet.
    thanks motomanrn:uhoh21:
    take it! the pacific northwest is gorgeous! the water, the mountains -- it has everything except sunshine -- and the sun is overrated!
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I love it here. THe traffic is the ONLY major drawback, from where I sit. And yes, it's MAJOR. So much so, you have to plan your life around it, really. It's just ugly out there.

    But the scenery is amazing. But you got to love the rain this time of year. I happen to appreciate and love it myself. I love it here...never want to live anyplace else.