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I need to buy my first ever pair of scrubs this weekend :) The thing is.. Im 5'11''... pushin 6'... And I cant stand pants that are too short!! I may just end up buying a skirt instead if I... Read More

  1. by   teeituptom
    Well I do like tall women

    but Im married to a short one though
  2. by   Flare
    I'm 5'11" also -I have a few pairs of the Dickies talls - the 34" inseam ones and they seem like they are okay - though they do come up a bit when i sit down. The landau talls are also good- but same problem. I usually hang dry them so they won't shrink and then fluff them in the dryer on medium heat for a few minutes to get that hang dry stiffness out.

    I feel your pain, my tall sister!
  3. by   RNfaster
    SmartScrubs in Arizona Mills has pants with a 34-inch inseam. If you go to the mall, go to the central kiosk and get a coupon book (you can usually get an additional 10 to 15% off your purchase). Alternatively, you can buy from their Web site: www.smartscrubs.com. I wear the SmartScrubs brand. The scrubs are sewn very well out of durable fabric. I get a poly-cotton blend as I don't have to iron it. They have more fabric designs available in their all-cotton fabrics, however. They also have many of the other brands listed in the preceding posts, but I don't know if they offer the longer inseams in those brands. --I intend to ask next time I shop. --

    One other note ---the retail store will price match provided you bring in information on the item and the competitive pricing.

    By the way, I dry my scrubs on high and wash them in warm or hot water. No shrinking issues.
  4. by   HisHands
    I am shocked. I am 5'3" and wear cherokee scrubs. I have to buy the regular length because the petites are WAAAY to short, even for me. But, the regular lengths go completely over my shoes and drag on the ground (really not all that professional). Anyway, I just never thought that you lovely tall ladies would have such a problem. I so sympathize.