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What would you do if you suspected a co-worker was taking narcotics? What if your NM did not believe you? Would you confront the nurse? Just curious how others would deal with this situation.... Read More

  1. by   Midwest4me
    NOW I would confront the nurse and/or talk with the nurse manager.

    I wish I'd spoken up/confronted someone about such a suspicion. Years ago a friend of mine( I'll call her XXXX) and I worked LTC together; she floated among different floors; we did 16-hr shifts on weekends and relieved each other. A narcotic count turned out suspicious(some narcs on several cards were punched out then taped back in); she gave some wierd explanation and I believed her. She left the shift and went home. After finding a narce in the med drawer in a paper cup and re-thinking all those cards with taped-in narcs, I called another RN down to do a re-count....(kicking myself all the while in my mind for not having addressed this while XXXX was still in the building.) The other RN and I made a report to the DON. I later learned that XXXX had an accident years before and been addicted to narcs and was on a nurse-monitoring program. About a year later her obituary was in the paper; she'd committed suicide!!!! It seems that XXXX was being faced with her RN license being suspended (over narc diversion)and she couldn't imagine what else she would do with her life so suicide was the answer. WHAT A SHOCK to all of us who thought we knew her.
  2. by   KellieNurse06
    Quote from LuvMyGamecocks
    Good question, but can you clarify something for me? You said taking you mean you think they're stealing them or do you think they're consuming them on the job? Do they have any physical signs of being under the influence of narcotics?

    If they're stealing...can't that be verified with Pyxis? Can an RN obtain verification from the pharmacy? If so, you can take that to the NM, right? (Still a student...feel free to correct me.)

    If they're consuming on the job....I would go to that person with an approach like, "Your eyes have been blah, blah, your speech blah, blah. It appears that you're under the influence of something and I'm concerned for the safety of your patients. If you are willing to stop, I will be willing to let this be an issue for you to handle on your own. But, I can't ignore the compromise of patient safety."

    No direct threats, but a strong message that you know something's going on.
    True but the Pyxis only tracks the drugs when they are removed......after they are taken out of the machine.....that's a whole other ballgame you can do whatever you want with them............they can be marked off as given on the med sheets so no one would really know if the patient had it or not unless the patient complained of unresolving pain after meds.........and also how frequently narcs are dispensed when ever one specific person is opposed to other people on different shifts...................I don't get it how a nurse...well anyone for that matter.....could do that to a patient........thats pretty twisted in my opinion.......but I have never been in that position as one who uses drugs so I will not judge others.....