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Got another survey monkey survey, this time about the staffing matrix and has it met the stated goals. I never like the way the questions are worded on these. They always seem limiting and... Read More

  1. by   llg
    I've done a qualitative research on Survey Monkey -- asked open-ended questions and analyzed the responses as text. It was VERY difficult and took forever. Survey Monkey doesn't have great tools for analyzing qualitative data and even if it did, qualitative data analysis is a lot of work. And administrators are usually skeptical of qualitative research results. If the people doing the surveys want to convince administrators of something (to improve a program, etc.), they probably need the results in a form more like qualitative research. They need numbers and categories to convince the money people.
  2. by   TriciaJ
    When it comes to nurse staffing, the data are already out there. I suspect the Survey Monkey surveys aim to elicit certain results that can be shown to someone. Most likely shown to staff so they can see how deliriously happy they already are and to shut down requests for better staffing.

    Of course, when it comes to how admin addresses staffing issues, colour me cynical.
  3. by   MikeyT-c-IV
    Quote from That Guy
    I never do them. While they claim to be anonymous I dont trust it at all.
    Same. I'm in a 2 person department. So when they see our survey... well, you know.
  4. by   Leader25
    Well ours were always skewed against co workers,the questions asked
    "my co workers do an honest days work or my co workers are trustworthy true or false.
    We were always very careful not to answer the trap of questions,always had each other s back.
    True they never ask whether your mgr is a lazy ,unapproachable ,incompetent loser, who sleeps all night.