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  1. by   sbic56

    I am in just about in the same situation...kind of skating toward eventual retirement. Actually I have 15 years to 62, but that's close enough to get there with what I've got as an ADN. Travel sounds good and I am seriously considering it...OB for me.
  2. by   Momma_Penguin
    I have no plans to go any further. I am happy being an LPN and happy w/ my job. If I had wanted to be an RN, I would have gone that route. But I am all for those who wish to increase their earning potential, and expand their horizons. I am doing almost everything an RN does at my job and the large amt of money it would cost me to go back to school would be an enormous strain on our budget. I think you gotta know when to stop when you are at a happy and comfortable level.
  3. by   JWRN
    Yes, I have furthered my nursing education, I finished MSN almost 3 years, and I have gone back and I am 17 hours into PhD program. I am tired of school, but I do like to learn. No it will not get me anymore money. But I furthered my education for my self and the goals I set for myself, not for the money. I believe in higher education at any level, it can only help. Anyhow my 2 cents....
  4. by   oneLoneNurse
    Not in nursing. I personally think there are few advantages to having a BSN or a MSN. I see the strength of nursing for me personally as knowing medical data and hospital and nursing processes.

    I am taking continuous courses to become a better computer programmer paid for by the medical software applications industry. I think there are those who choose to become stronger in nursing then there are those who choose a new field. I think the financial incentives to nursing advanced education is minimal. Whereas becoming a lawyer or computer programmer with a nursing background is definitely financial rewarding. I guess I have a "show me the money" type philosophy.
  5. by   healingtouchRN
    My hubby is a systems analysis Dilbert type, & topped my salary two years out of school. Sad they pay them better than us, but that's the breaks. He has been in the business now 10+ years & the salaries are higher & higher if you like to travel...Suz