Surgeon suspended for bank visit during operation - page 3

i cannot comprehend what this surgeon was thinking! what do you think would happen if this was a surgical nurse and s/he "stepped out" for a minute to run to the bank? what do you think his final... Read More

  1. by   rebelwaclause
    I wonder what ever happened to this guy.....
  2. by   happthearts
    How rotten they should take his MD Things like this get me riled.

    I had one MD like that come in the baby nursery one day Drunk and wanted to do circuimsisim (sp ) on little boy he could hardly stand. I told him NO way your drunk!. He said I will have your job. I said heres the phone call the Nurse administrator (She was a NUN) Then she came down and had him removed from the hospital and his job. DR is God I think not!

  3. by   renerian
    What can you say to odd.........and bad for the patient on the table..................and the team waiting..................

  4. by   deespoohbear
    Why has it taken over 4 months for this guy to be suspended? If it was a nurse who commited this horrendous act, they would have been out of a job before the surgery case ended!! (And with good reason too, I might add). Just shows the power that doctors have!!