Surgeon halts operation over foreign nurses' poor English - page 6

Zounds! Figured it would come to this ... notice the idiot suits are threatening the Doctor ... suits not at all medically-oriented with concern for standards and safety -- or common sense :o ... Read More

  1. by   UKRNinUSA
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    I'm a nurse dammit, not an anthropologist!!!
    Actually, the two are not mutually exclusive - Madeleine Leininger is a nurse who holds a Ph.D in anthropology and developed the Culture Care theory which aims to provide culturally specific nursing care. There are several US nursing courses that prepare nurses to be transcultural nurse specialists. Do you show the same intolerance to patients from a different culture than yours? We need to accept that a cultural mix is just a fact of life in this age of geographical mobility - it can be a life enriching experience to learn about other cultures if approached in a more positive manner.
  2. by   adrienurse
    Yes I have heard of Leininger. Thank you. She was an anthropologist. I am not.
  3. by   MishlB
    The fact remains thet our country is home to many cultures who may or may not speak english. It only seems reasonable to try to learn other languages in order to care for our patients. Come on, what's the worst that can happen, you might learn something?