Strange things that you saw when you were a student - page 6

what is the strangest thing that you saw when you were a student...the one that sticks out in my mind is also on the subject of male/female nurses. when we did our ob rotation, the teacher did... Read More

  1. by   ktwlpn
    Quote from nursebucky
    I had a mentally ill patient who seemed to be in high spirits. When I walked into the ER room and noticed she had a pair of clean white Hanes underwear tied to her hair. I guess she needed a scarf. Across the front of her forehead, it said...Hanes Her Way.
    at least the undies were clean! If they hadn't been she truly would have been a shyte head...
  2. by   zenman
    When working in an ED in a southern state, a well-known fellow "lost" a vibrator up his butt. He was not about to go to a local ED, so drove 3 hours to a major city. He was carried to OR, put to sleep to relax his tight butt, and when the normally, quiet, nerdy surgeon (he actually wore bowties) took it out it was still running. His statement, "must be Everready batteries" almost made the OR crew collapse with laughter. Can you imagine driving 3 hours...oh...oh...oh...ah! LOL!