1. Hi, I currently work as a STNA/CNA in a LTC facility. I will be done taking my EMT-B class soon, and will sit for my exam. I wont to continue to work as a STNA/CNA. My question is will i be able to have more hands on experience working as an STNA/CNA EMT-B?
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  3. by   GOMER42
    Not likely. If you were hired as a CNA, you work in the capacity in which you were hired- as a CNA.
  4. by   vampiregirl
    This is something you probably would want to discuss with your supervisor. At least where I live, these are totally separate certifications with separate scopes of practice. I also am a CNA, as well as an EMT-A. When I work at the nursing home, I am only able to function as a CNA.
  5. by   icyounurse
    My husband is a CNA who is working on his paramedic. He just got his EMT-B. They have tech positions in the ER often times that are for EMT/Techs. Its the only way I know of to combine the 2 areas. I dont think there is much difference in pay but your experience would coincide more with the EMT education while also using CNA skills.