sticky situation w/current job/potential new job

  1. I've been in L&D for a few years and have an interview in mid Sept for a private office job.

    In my current hospital they do a week of OR training (for c-sections) after nurses have been there awhile and I'm next on the list to get trained.
    I would LIKE to be trained to get the experience and make myself more marketable if I ever want to go back to L&D somewhere else or an OR job.
    But with this interview coming up I'd resigned myself to the fact that it might just not happen.

    Then I heard they are thinking about training me in Sept. Eek! Bad timing. I'm obviously not going to turn it down NOW because I don't know if I got the office job or want the job.
    But what if I get a job offer and am ready to put in my notice, right before getting OR trained, or in the middle of it, or right after?
    They might be annoyed if I get OR trained and then peace out a few weeks later. Like I wasted their time or something.
    Although I plan to stay per diem so I can still do OR then, which would be helpful for them.

    I guess I'll play it by ear and see how the timing works out....
    If the job offer comes before OR training starts, maybe I'll talk to my manager and when I give my notice say I'm happy to still do the OR training because I plan to stay per diem, but if they don't want to train me anymore, I'll understand?
    If it comes after.... I guess I'll just say I'm sorry, I didn't plan it like this since I didn't know if/when I'd get the other job....
    Any advice?

    Of course this could all be a moot point if they don't train me in Sept anyway. Or if I don't get the office job...
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  3. by   Lucky724
    If you plan to stay PRN then I see no problem taking the training whenever it's offered/you can go BUT if you KNOW you are not going to stay PRN if you get this other position then really you have answered your own question and know it's not ethical to get the training then leave in a short period of time - you seem to already see that. If possible, put the training off until after the interview if possible - it would solve the problem all the way around. Good luck!
  4. by   MrChicagoRN
    Can you call the office and ask them if they move up the interview?

    Tell them that your employer may be sending you to a class in Sept, but you are really interested in exploring the opportunity with them, and would hate to have your company start the training and then have you quit in midstream.
  5. by   Liz, RN
    If you are staying per diem, I don't see anything wrong with taking the training
  6. by   MTRN13
    You never know what will happen with the office interview. It is always a good idea to make yourself more marketable. Especially in these horrible economic times. What do you have to loose besides a broader knowledge. I would not think twice about the training because you never know what the future may hold. You may go to the interview, and decide that that is not even a place you would want to work at.