Sticky situation...please give me job advice

  1. Hi all,

    OK, I went for two interviews last week. One for a managed care co as a UR person on-site plus discharge planning. They tell me all I would be doing is the auth's for the discharge planning, and the hosp CM's would still do the set-up for home care etc...

    The other job is a Liaison, also on-site at a hospital, essentially "recruiting" people for the nursing home. I was told upfront it can get ugly as there may be liaison's from as many as seven other nursing homes on the same site all vying for the same person. I may get called from one hospital to the other and back again all in the same few hours.

    Hubby thinks I should take the first job. It is a better commute in summer, but in snow, man, it would take me two hours to get there and home. PLus, on-site positions would likely mean having to work late, you just can't up and ditch d/c plans! What I really want is a office position now. I want my day to begin and end, I don't want work on my desk at home. I want to come home and have every second of my off-duty time be my own.

    Here's the thing. I got called back for second interviews for both. BUT, there is another company that is having a job fair on Dec 18th (got an early heads up from a friend, she will give me a referral, which is pretty much the ONLY way you can get into this excellent company. AND, I have a resume out for an insur co I used to work for which is ten minutes from my house.

    If I could I would hold out for the second two positions. But, being that both of these other companies called me back less than 24 hrs after the interview, I think if they like me on the second, I will get an offer on the spot or maybe again less than 24 hrs.

    Should I gamble on one of the other two positions?

    Should I accept one of these, and then rescind it if I get one of the other two? (I really don't want to do that, it is cheasy, and leaves them in the lurch for someone else)

    Should I be honest and say I have other offers or interviews on the table?? I like this best, but how exactly should I say it so I don't come off sounding like an ungrateful snot? AND, if I do tell them the truth, what if they say "well screw her, we're not going ot wait for her..." and give the position away??

    What would you do?? I really want to see if I can get into one of the last two companies.
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  3. by   l.rae
    hoolihan, if they offer you a position, can you hold them off telling them you want to think it over for 24 hrs, as you have had some other offers in the mean time?...l don't know how much time you will need to buy. when is your next interview, any chance you can put it off?...this is hard...really don't dnow what to tell you.
  4. by   KP RN
    Hoolahan, you need to look out for number one!
    It is perfectly acceptable to tell the recruiters from the first two companies that you have future interviews planned. Not only that, but certainly they understand that you need to give your present employer 2-3 weeks notice anyhow, right??
    Don't "settle" for anything less than what you want--you won't be happy if you do.
    Good luck at the job fair!!
  5. by   hoolahan
    Thanks guys. I know it is hard. You never want to burn bridges, but you also want to do what it is you want too.

    I can't wait for the job fair, that is almost two weeks to hold them off, but I already told both I wouldn't be able to start until Jan 8th.

    Good thing is I have friends in both of the places I would rather work in who are pulling for me. One person is trying to get my resume in tomorrow so I won't hjave to wait for the job fair. That would be so GREAT!!

    I guess I'll just have to see how it goes when I'm there. I'll let you guys know, thanks again!
  6. by   sjoe
    "but I already told both I wouldn't be able to start until Jan 8th."

    An ideal way of keeping your options open. If you are offered the other 2 jobs, you can say the same thing.

    I can only agree with the previous advice: "Don't "settle" for anything less than what you want--you won't be happy if you do." There are a lot of miserable nursing jobs, and hopefully you'll wind up with one that suits you.
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    The liason is an awful job. It's true - I've seen liason's fight over patient's before because so much of their pay and bonuses are tied to how many referrals they get into their facility. I know you don't want that hassle!!

    Agree with the others, don't settle and tell them you can't start until January so you have time for the job fair!
  8. by   hoolahan
    I cancelled the second interview for the Liaison. We'll see where the other two take me. Second interview for the on-site UR/d/c planner is tomorrow, now that one I could do, just a tad worried about the commute this winter. Don't want to end up using all my vaca days for snow!

    Thanks again buddies!
  9. by   sjoe
    hoolahan--I just finished Joan Magretta's book "What Management Is" and here is a quote from it that you might find useful right now:

    page 213 "Some people will be better off on their own, as free agents. Most people will need to "hire" the right organization--the one whose values match their own, and whose approach to value creation can turn what makes them special into performance. And because the quality of managers varies enormously, we need to be especially careful about "hiring" the right boss."

    A good reason not to "settle" for a job you don't really want, for what it's worth.