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I am getting ready to enter nursing school. Before I buy a stethoscope, I wanted to get some feedback on a good brand or a specific type to look for. Any advice would be appreciated!:)... Read More

  1. by   lgcv
    I have had a Littmann for years, just wanted to comment on the warranty. I sent mine in after I had owned it around six years ( it was stiff and stuck in a bent position) they replaced the diaphram, tubing, earpieces and cleaned it....all at no cost. Then they extended my warranty by two years. You can't beat that.
  2. by   shay
    Originally posted by lgcv
    ( it was stiff and stuck in a bent position) they replaced the diaphram, tubing, earpieces and cleaned it....all at no cost.
    This is EXACTLY what mine is doing!!! Ummmmmm....wonder what it would cost if I don't have mine under warranty? (yes, I know, I know...bad girl).
  3. by   lgcv
    There are raised dots under the diaphram, this allows them to determine how old it is and if it is still under warranty. (I never sent my warranty in either.) Just send it to them they will fix it.
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    The cheapest place that I have seen to buy Littmanns is Great customer service! I purchased my Cardiology III for 115.98 plus S&H and tax!

    A question for you lgcv? What kind of Littmann do you have? My Cardio III is under warranty for 5 years.
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  5. by   RNforLongTime
    I got replacement tubing at for a Classic II SE that I had for about 30 bucks. I think though that is cheaper. Both sites have all parts for all Littmanns.
  6. by   lgcv
    I have a master cardiology.
  7. by   Lynn_RN
    I had a Littman lightweight stethoscope in nursing school. The tubing has become stiff and it is really hard to hear with it now, 3 years later. I recently went to the website They have a really good deal on their Magna Cartis Cardiascopes. $59.95, includes free engraving, a penlight and a fanny pack. I bought one and love it. Oh, and they even sent me extra tubing. It is a little heavier than my old Littman, but acoustics are much better. If you do go with Littman, the cardiology scopes are much better than the lightweights, but pretty expensive, around $130.00.
  8. by   Lynn_RN
    That website was with an "s" after stethoscopes. Sorry.
  9. by   NyLPN
    As a nurse for many years, I now use a Littman! Love it! Best scope you can get! While I was in nursing school, I used a double sprauge long length stethoscope. It worked for me since being "green" in the field, easy to hear w/it, came with all of the bells, I found the longer length easier to use when assesing your patient!
    Good luck to all new students!
  10. by   P_RN
    For school a $9.00 one from the uniform store. I think it was red.

    First few years the low end littman.

    Then NIRVANA!!!! I bought A Littman Cardiology!!!! You can hear a gnat batting his eyelashes with this one.

    BUT NEVER LEND IT TO ANYONE, EVER, EVER!!!!! It will be gone in a heartbeat.
  11. by   petiteflower
    I have a littman too--a master cardiology--I originally bought it when I was working in ICU. I love it, but have to watch the docs who want to borrow your "ears" and forget to return them. One of our docs ended up with several in his truck (some of the other nurses and our floor scopes) I wear a scope sock on mine so it is easily distinguished if it gets borrowed.
  12. by   huggietoes
    When I first began nursing school the instructors encouraged us to purchase the cheap sprague stethoscopes but they were so cumbersome and you really had to work to hear. So I told myself that if I got an A I would splurge on a new one, so I bought a Tycos Harvey Elite, loved it! Then I said if I get an A in 102 I will get a Littmann, so then I bought the Master Cardiology, again loved that. Then I said if I get an A in 202 I will get the new Littmann STC, I just got it last week and love that one as well. I am building a collection. I say splurge, I mean it is a tool that you will use and finding the right one for you makes the job easier!
  13. by   Perk
    I have a littman classic II, and I love it. A year before I started nursing I was in a Human and Anatomy class (health science) and we were learning about BP I couldn't har a thing with the cheapy steth, When I sarted nursing and learning BP, I had no problem with my littman. A similar note my Bio teacher from that year was horrified I was going into nursing but couldn't hear a BP, he actually had me take his with my littman in lab. When purchasing a stethoscape I would ask about the ear pieces I find it very uncomfortable with the hard plastic type, while my littman has a soft rubber type of ear piece which is form fitting and comfortable.