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  1. I'm a nursing student and it is time for me to purchase my first stethoscope...I'm not really sure what kind to get and what is best. Our clinical instructors did tell us to get one that is double sided, cord that isn't too lengthy, and obviously, comfortable ear pieces.

    I'm not sure what constitutes a short cord, and most places don't let you take the stethoscope out to try it on your ears I wouldn't think...

    Do you guys know of any good quality brands and models that fit these criteria? I'd really appreciate it :] Thanks!
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  3. by   loquacity
    i'm in 1st eyar nursing...and my aunt..all my instructors well as some nruses at my job said don't need a cardiology at the moment..but the litman classic II is great...
    at school when you forget your steth they give you one to borrow (u clean it with alcahol at first of course), im not sure what brand they are but they are bad quality, the ear pieces are rock hard...are uncomfy and make a bad seal...but the litmans comes with cd with soudsn you will hear..extra ear peices too, and the ear peices are very soft and make a good comfy seal.
  4. by   Ivanna_Nurse

    I initially bought a prestige medical steth, it's a sprague style with the double tubing...3 types of earpieces, interchangeable bells, diaphragms and such. It worked well, but was a little on the big side for me. (About 18 dollars) I did treat myself and got a Littman Classic SE this fall. (73 dollars) It is lighter with less bulk, no bells and whistles, but it is a GOOD sturdy steth. I do notice, that you get what you pay for. All work, just some a little better.
  5. by   amy123456
    I also am a Nursing Student. Our school excourgaged us to buy our stethoscope from the school store it was around 12.00. I'm not saying the most expensive route is the way to go but I bought the Litmann and I will say it is wonderful. Many students in my class ended up buying them in the end.
  6. by   DorkyStudentNurse
    I'm a first year student as well and I just bought the Prestige Sprague stethoscope that Ivanna mentioned. I got it from the university store for $19.99. Our clinical instructors said that stethoscopes were not of huge importance this year and those were fine. One day I'll invest in a Littman but for now, this works.
  7. by   melissak7878

    I start Nursing school in two weeks, everyone there and at my job which is at a hospital all told me to by littmans. So I invested in a Littman classic II. I did a lot of research the cheapest I found was at a website called
    I paid 68.97 with shipping and handling.
    Good luck finding one. If anyone has a suggestion for a good pair of nursing shoes let me know please.
  8. by   amy123456
    I too am looking for a good pair of shoes. I will be in my second semester next week and I tried Nurse Mates shoes last semester and they didn't do it for me. Some other students loved them but I went home with very sore legs and feet!!!
  9. by   Ivanna_Nurse
    oh... Just to add, both of mine were purchased at my college bookstore as well, and were available for purchase with financial aid, grants, etc.
  10. by   RNin2007
    When I started NS summer term, I bought a really expensive ($180) Philips Rappaport Sprague...and hated it. It was heavy and the eartips killed my ears. It was so heavy it actually hurt my neck carrying it! I just got a Littmann Classic SE II from for $68 on sale and LOVE it. It is light, and they have patented softip earpieces that feel soooo much nicer than my other one. All of my classmates seem to have Littmann's and most of the nurses i've seen on the floor have them too.


  11. by   Butterflybee
    For Christmas, my granddaughter got me a cute heart stethoscope by prestige medical , the professional's choice, clear sound. I hope it works good. I know they were only trying to help with expenses of nursing supplies.
  12. by   Indy
    The double tubed stethoscope actually splits the sound up so it's not quite as loud as a single tube. Likewise, a shorter cord delivers more sound up to the ears.

    Take a friend with you to go shopping, who has no problem with you practicing on them. Take some alcohol pads and try the stethoscopes on a real human, clean when done, and find whatever works for you.
  13. by   Dont
    I purchased a MAXISCOPE from ultrascope. It was about $35 and much better (in my opinion) than the cheapies we were using in school. It has the added benefit of being bright orange so I don't get it mixed up with other student or the school's scopes. It's especially good for listening to breathing or bowel sounds through clothing.