State to State License information???

  1. Hello, I am new to this board. My name is Michelle O'Neal and I am an RN in Illinois. Recently, my husband found out he may be transferred to California by his employer. Does anyone know where I should begin in regards to obtaining my California Nursing License?

    Does anyone know how the job market for nurses is in California?

    Has anyone ever moved from state to state and what did you have to do to get your new license?

    Thanks and I look forward to meetion everyone here!

    Michelle O'Neal
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  3. by   sjoe
    You need to contact the BON in BOTH states to find out what paperwork they need, how much money they BOTH will want to do the paperwork, and I would suggest doing this before you move (expect it to take a few months). Do a google search for these BONs if you don't already have their addresses.

    California is a VERY large state and has WIDELY varied nursing job markets and opportunities. When you figure out where you will be living, do a google search for the healthcare facilities in that area and check out their web sites for more specific information.
  4. by   MichelleRNIL
    Or if I applied to a hospital in Cali will the human resource dept. assist in the license?
  5. by   Gizmed
    .........Michelle- sometimes they will, sometimes they won't: depends on the hospital....but to keep your options open CYA!
  6. by   Pretzlgl

    That is the website for the board of nursing in Calif.
    Good Luck!
  7. by   MichelleRNIL
    Has anyone ever moved state to state?
  8. by   sjoe
    Several times. That is why I gave you the advice above.
  9. by   MichelleRNIL
    Thanks Joe, But I posted this question seeking the advice of several along with yours.
  10. by   SnowymtnRN
    and we always contact the BON of the state we are moving to. then just follow their guidelines. usually can count on it taking 4-6 weeks, sometimes less. I know that CA is one of those PIA states, they want fingerprints, it may take longer. Good luck! Just don't "count" on it happening in any specific time frame. When we moved from CO to IL (we are in Chicago) IL had to have stuff from our school of nursing. THAT was a PIA. lol

  11. by   Anaclaire
    When I move from state to state, I contact the board of nursing at the state where I am planning to move. They send a packet of information and forms to fill out with some for other people to fill out. They usually have a form for me to send to my school of nursing for them to fill out and send to the new board of nursing. I also must write to have an official transcript from my college where I took nursing classes sent to the new board of nursing. Generally the form I fill out requires a passport photo be attached to it with my signature on the photo front. They often like to have the form notarized. If I'm in a hurry I can usually pay and extra 70-100 bucks for a temporary permit which cannot be renewed. It can usually be obtained within 2 weeks. The regular way takes 4-6 weeks usually. Larger states tend to take longer from what I've heard. I've not applied for one in California though. I've never had the people at the "new state" hospital intervene for me.

    Best advice: Go ahead and get started on this! Don't waste time!

    I'd suggest to always keep your original license current, even if you don't plan to work in that state in the near future. This is because most boards of nursing prefer to "give reciprocity" based on your original license and NCLEX-RN type records.

    Good luck in your new state. Be sure to see if the new state board requires CEUs. The ones who do generally require you have enough under your belt to submit when applying for a license in their state... at least half of them should probably be classroom hours as opposed to self-learning modules.

    Best wishes!
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  12. by   2banurse
    I'm curious. If you get a license from another state than your original state, is your original license still valid? For example, I get my license in Florida and then I apply and get a license for NY, can I use my original Florida license if I decide to move back?
  13. by   cindyln
    I started out with a license from virgina.When we moved to Kansas I got a Kansas license and made my Virginia license inactive.Now that we are moving back to virginia I just paid them the $$ to reactivate my license there.
  14. by   Gomer
    For CA licensure: 916-322-3350 or 800-838-6828. Call early as there is always a wait. Also, there is a backlog in applications, usually takes up to 2 months to get license.