State board of nursing lists nurse's adresses

  1. I recently took the NCLEX in Tennessee. In order to see if I passed, I have been checking the TN Dept of health web site. Anyone can put in anybody's name to see if the person has a valid license. Along with license info, the site also lists adresses. The hospital where I am employeed requires our full name to be on our ID badges( they say it is a Joint Comission requirement). While most pts aren't a concern, sooner or later, everyone encounters a pt that you would not want to be able to find your address. Am I being unreasonable, or would anyone else be concerned about your address being available to anyone who wanted to find it?
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    i don't know what happened but everyone who had a professional license issued to them in nj used to also have their address listed. nj state website recently was revamped & they only will list your name & city only.

  4. by   live4today
    I think it's ridiculous and unsafe to list our names and addresses for public knowledge. An incident occurred with a nurse I know that caused that nurse to tape his last name so it would not be seen by his patients. Ever since he shared his story with me, I cover my own last name with smiley faces.

    The staff will see my smiley faces covering my last name, and ask for my last name. Then, the unit clerks hang our nametags with first and last names on them in public view at the nurses station on a huge board with the room numbers of the patients each nurse cares for posted directly under that nurses name. If nurses will publicly post our first and last names, then...............I just don't understand that one.
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  5. by   James Huffman
    H&Pmom, I would encourage you to share your concerns with the board of nursing. You'd be surprised to find that policies sometimes change with just a few people showing an interest in an issue. In the meantime, you might consider renting a p.o. box, and using that as your address for BON purposes. I'm not a freak on privacy, but that would put a layer between you and somebody trying to find where you live.

    Jim Huffman, RN
  6. by   lehua
    Any business related stuff goes to either my p.o. box or my mail box center (the address looks like a typical home address and my box number is called either apt # or suite # depending on who or which company I am receiving mail from. Only concerns so far is that most places don't accept a p.o. box unless I say, I am in the process of moving. (It's worked out great for decades.) I feel only my current employer should have my real home address. So far, no problems.
  7. by   tonicareer
    I think people can call the post office and get you street address if you have a po box. Also the internet has almost everyones information also even if you have an unlisted phone number.
  8. by   James Huffman
    Toni, Last I checked (I have a p.o. box for business as well), the P.O. will not release a street address. Not to mention that it's a matter of putting layers between yourself and nosey people. In other words, if they have to go through 3 or 4 steps to find something, they may tire of their search. It's a little like locking one's doors at night. If someone REALLY wanted to break in, they can. But most of the time, the lock will make them leave you alone, and go bother the person down the street who doesn't lock them out.

    My experience has been that with Google, an unlisted phone number does not show up. And even if your number is listed, Google will -- upon request -- remove it from their database. (That may not be true with other search engines; Google is the one I'm most familiar with).

    Jim Huffman, RN
  9. by   NicuNsg
    This was an interesting topic which was brought up with our states NSA and our states Nursing Assoc., this is something that is currently being discussed and hashed out w/ our fed. and state law makers, we could be waiting awhile..........we have a voice, let it be heard. Until this can be resolved I plan on giving a PO box, scarey though that some one could have that info right at their finger tips, you have the option also of using your employers address, I've seen that done..........we have a right to protect ourselves. :angel2:
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  10. by   Jussurfin
    Originally posted by James Huffman
    My experience has been that with Google, an unlisted phone number does not show up. And even if your number is listed, Google will -- upon request -- remove it from their database. (That may not be true with other search engines; Google is the one I'm most familiar with).

    Jim Huffman, RN
    Google has no monopoly on reverse searches and it was a latecomer in providing this "service." There are many sites where you can do find a name and address based on the phone number. Switchboard is another of these many such sites:

    But did you also know that anyone can find out your age free of charge? Try this site, one of many such as well:

    Of course, if anyone wants an in-depth profile and information about you, all they have to do is visit any site that offers background checks and pay a fee.

    The internet is the greatest repository of information (and porn) created by man to date. Most of it is good but some of it isn't. You just have to take the good with the in life. And if someone is really looking for you, they will find you unless you live a hermit like existence miles from the nearest person with no friends, no phone or other utilities, no car loans, no mortgage, etc.
  11. by   renerian
    Good God that is not good at all to get that much information.....

  12. by   NRSKarenRN
    PUBLIC records: Birth, death, marriage, divorce, legal and licensure records are all available to the public at large for decades. Internet just allows easy availability.
  13. by   renerian
    Not good karen, not good. I knew it was matter of public records just think the easy access is scarey.

  14. by   eltrip
    Yet here is an interesting thought. In Tennesee, it's not just nurses whose addresses, etc., are available online, but ANY healthcare practitioner. In contrast, you'll never find a teacher's or attorney's info posted online.

    Go figure.