Started my CNA Clinicals today!

  1. I started my clinicals in a nursing home today! i gave the cutest little lady a shower and just little things. i really enjoyed it, i felt kind of useless (only with 1 patient, theres not that much to do i guess?) but i really enjoyed it, as weird as it may sound, i enjoyed giving her a shower because she needed one! i bet she felt so much better afterward. anyway, what kind of things should i expect in a nursing home? good/bad? what kind of hour rate does a CNA have (state tested) just curious, i figuerd around 9-13/hour? any one with any good advice, please let me know!! thanks
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  3. by   RainbowzLPN
    Glad you had such a great 1st day! (That's one of the wonderful things!) As far as pay, it does depend on where you're at, as far as facility & in the country. I've been working on a med-surg floor over a yr & am now making $9/hr (& that's with the shift differential). It's not much, but I love what I do, & that's what matters. Good Luck!
  4. by   Tweety
    Woot. Enjoy these days of one patient. Soon you'll have 50! LOL
  5. by   wif411
    I started out as CNA in nursing home also. Now RN for 17 years.
    The work is hard. You want the truth--right? Depending on the facility as far as turnover. But almost all places will be short staffed: have the CNA, who THINKS they run things: and have the Mean nurse. Just do not give up . Keep your chin up. When you get a job with the CNA status stick it out. Always remember to try to be part of the solution, not the problem.
    As far as the patients. Most are great. Appreciate what you do..and the familys will too. There will be the occassional pt, who thinks you owe them everything right then, when they want it. And there will be the family who thinks that there mom's poop doesn't stink. But this happens in the real world too.
    Comparing CNA work in hospital vs. Nursing home. The nursing home is better. You get to build relationships with families and patients. The appreciation is better. And you get to know the ins and outs of your patients. I depend on my cna's to be my eyes and ears. They see the patient numerous times a day. They know when there is a change sooner than I do----communicate with your nurse. Work as a team. You are both there for the patient and for each other. A nurse who is willing to help clean a poopy pt is a lifelong friend to the busy cna. And the CNA who is willing to get the vitals right then and check on Mr so-so is a nurses best friend.
    Good Luck you are in a wonderful field.
  6. by   ams02
    how nice it was to read your post! thank you for the support and the positive attitude. i told my gram when she passed away that i was going to treat every patient just like my gram, we took care of her while she was dying, and she passed with us all right there, it was a beautiful experience and i wish that all my pts. get to go so peacefully and let me be a part of it. i know that might not go with my response to well, i guess i got onto a little tangent! anyway, i will keep my head up and i know im gonna deal with women, and women are hard, but this is my career, not theirs.....thanks again
  7. by   mystc42
    I'm glad you enjoyed so much and care for what you do. We need so much more like you out there. But do me a favor and remember this day and how good you felt because your days of trying to take 20-30 patients and change, bathe, feed, etc. to them in 8 hrs is coming and sometimes you get so busy with certain stuff and get so tired that you forget the small things, I am constantly having to remind myself of why I wanted this job although I enjoy so much. It makes a big difference on who your nurses and other CNA's are so if you ever think you are getting burned out (which is an easy thing to do in this profession) remember that it may not be you burning out, just the place you are in. Good luck!?!
  8. by   hottieoverload
    Hello, I worked in a nursing home for some time last year, and it stressed me out really bad. Only because the nursing home was way understaffed, and I am a big believer in quality care. How can you give great care if you have 11 patients to yourself to bathe, toilet, etc.? I wish you the best of luck. I have heard that working in a hospital is much easier as a CNA. I did enjoy working with my patients at the nursing home, but because of my experience working in one...I will never ever send one of my parents to "live" in one. It may be a fluke thing...but I think that nursing homes need some major updates in staffing numbers and giving real quality care. If you enjoy it and it's not too stressful, especially knowing that most of your patients may pass...after you do get to know them so well...I think that if we did have more happy CNA's like you we wouldn't be in this national crisis. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Sorry to be a downer, I just wanted to share my personal experience and opinion. I am currently a nursing student...I have volunteered in hospitals and find them much more rewarding
  9. by   Noney
    I'm an RN. I don't get to do alot of the basic care you will be doing anymore, but when I do it makes me feel good.

    Let me tell you about something that happened the other night. A CNA asked me to help her change a pt. He was semicomatose following a head injury several months ago. I was holding him towards me and the CNA started rubbing lotion on his back. His whole face relaxed. He shut his eyes and seemed to sigh. Don't ever forget how much difference a backrub can make!

    I'll bet you made your pts day with all the one on one care you gave her.