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Does your hospital have standing orders?? It irritates me when i have to call a doc at 3am to get an order for tylenol or mom, then have the doc screem at me for calling him... Read More

  1. by   whipping girl in 07
    Of course, when I do call a doc in the middle of the night because he doesn't have a standing order for tylenol, etc, if he also says "Don't call me back about this problem again," I always ask if he wants me to write a verbal order to that effect!:chuckle

    Fortunately, after a year of dealing with the same docs over and over, I know which ones I don't need to call for certain things, I can just write a verbal order and they will back me up. I also know which ones don't care that the patient hasn't peed all night, so if there's a doc on the case that does usually care, I save myself a headache and call him first.

    But I do love standing orders!!
  2. by   ?burntout
    We have standing orders for some of our docs......then we don't for the rest.

    It makes me so mad when they get pissy with you because you want Tylenol or Mylanta for a patient and they are too LAZY to write standing orders

    Next time they roll their eyes at me for something that belongs on a standing the words of Vegas, someone will have to hold my purse!!!!!:chuckle

    Oh...we have protocols for Asthma, COPD, Pneumonia....but the docs have to CHECKMARK what they think it gets done>>>>>
  3. by   RED_ALERT37
    We have had standing orders for years... they go to review every year with the techinical and medical changing times. It makes life soooooooo much easier to be able to give the general items of care needed, instead of calling a doctor...listen to him #($*$($# and then get an order for tylenol....

    We also have created a pathway of care that insitutes everything needed on a patient without complications. Helps with patient care and the whole JACHO process.

    Both of these were done in collaboration with Nurses and the Doctors, SOOOOOOOOO everyone was covered and happy... kind of a team effort hahahah imagine that !!!!!
  4. by   canoehead
    We have an order sheet for all admissions and the doc can tick off what standing orders he wants us to use for his pt.
  5. by   AHarri66
    I work Med-Surg/ Tele, and we have 'nursing protocol' orders that allow Tylenol, MOM, and Maalox as one-time doses. After that, an order needs to be obtained. We have other protocols for IDDM, lovenox, IDDM, etc, but the doc has to order the protocol.
  6. by   MOMMY
    Our hospital does not have standing orders, which makes it difficult to provide good care. Often if we call a doctor about obtaining a tylenol order we get sarcastic rude doctors. So what to do, let the patient suffer. I questioned the reason why we did not have standing orders, the response "the doctors what to make all the decisions for their patients". I had worked a short time (3 weeks) as a relief nurse on a med/surg floor that had a book with all the doctors standing orders to include sliding scales. I felt that these doctors truely trusted thier nursing staff to make appropriate judgements. Makes me wonder if the doctors at the hospital I now work at have a God like attitude.
    Yup. Sure are lifesavers!

  8. by   deespoohbear
    We have standing orders for Tylenol and laxatives of choice....but when we write them we are suppose to sign them off as telephone or verbal orders, not standing orders..(such as S.O. Dr. Knowitall/Nursedoesitall, RN)...anyone else with that same policy? And if so, do you know the rationale behind it?