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  1. Does anyone reading this work at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, or know someone who does? I live in Ohio but i've been looking into St. Jude's a lot and I just wanted some basic info from someone who works there or has been there. What it's like, the pros and cons and what not. Anything could help! Thanks!
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  3. by   mauxtav8r
    I don't work there, but I'm from Memphis so this is what I know.

    The inpatient facility is small, so most RNs working at St. Jude work in the outpatient area. Patients are all children with catastrophic diseases. Most (or all) are in a study of some kind.

    My friends who work there wouldn't trade their experience there for anything. It appears that they don't pay as much as other places, but, hey, it's St. Jude. The experience is priceless.

    St. Jude recruits nurses literally nationwide, so you might try to find out if they are in your area soon.

    Best of luck. Try to get to Memphis to visit the hospital. There is no place like St. Jude.
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    there is an satellite facility in shreveport but i don't know a lot about takes a special kind of nurse to work with very sick children
    as stated much of their work is with research so you must be very good at assessing side effects and lack/positive effects of new untried meds that you don't know what is 'normal'
  5. by   Lily2011
    I am a new grad as of this month and applied for a few jobs at St. Jude's that did not specify/have required years of experience. I got turned down for each of them quickly so I don't know if their new grad program is on hold or what.. I have also heard once you work there you never leave because it is so amazing.