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  1. Hey blessed2011, I am a new grad and I have not gotten an interview yet. Just same status since I applied. Maybe they are done with interviews now? Hopefully not, I did my leadership and capstone in a Children's Center and loved it and I want this position SOOOOO badly.. Good luck to everyone else on here who is still waiting, hopefully we will know something soon!
  2. I'm still waiting too! Still haven't had any status changes... :uhoh3:
  3. Lily2011

    Cost of Living Index Comparison for TN Cities

    Link doesn't work, was that for a specific year?
  4. Hi! I am just wondering, does anyone know which hospitals offer loan repayment for new graduate RNs and how that works? Do some hospitals pay a set amount towards repaying loans each month? Which hospitals have this benefit? I am looking for jobs in Memphis as my husband's job is relocating there this November, and I would like to have all the information possible on this type of benefit. Thanks so much!!!
  5. Lily2011


  6. Lily2011

    Question to all the new RN's?

    I have a job offer right now in Memphis but haven't even scheduled my boards yet.. My husband's job is relocating to Memphis but not until fall so we are trying to figure out what to do!! :-O
  7. Thanks for the info! :) Do you know whether or not your aunt was able to start working at Le Bonheur before she passed her NCLEX-RN exam?? I heard from another blog on here that you have to pass if before you can start working but I would like to know for sure. Thanks!!! :heartbeat
  8. Lily2011

    Mayo Clinic Summer III-2011

    I just graduated with my BSN a few weeks ago and one student in my class did complete the internship at Mayo. She said she loved it and her mentors were great, and now she has a job (contingent upon passing the NCLEX, of course) at Mayo in Rochester (in the area she was an intern, I think gastro or something). So, hope you get it! It could open many doors.. :)
  9. Lily2011

    RN residencies?

    I am trying to decide to take an offer I received for a Versant RN Residency. The only thing holding me back is that the hospital it would be at requires a 2-year commitment after the 18 weeks is completed. Did the health care facility you did your Versant at also have a commitment? I know it must cost a ton to run the program and training but I want to have babies... SOON!! :redpinkhe And I have no idea how that would work with a commitment..
  10. Lily2011

    GN starting rate?

    Minnesota range for new grad RNs is about $25-29/hr with various shift diffs.
  11. Lily2011

    St. Jude

    I am a new grad as of this month and applied for a few jobs at St. Jude's that did not specify/have required years of experience. I got turned down for each of them quickly so I don't know if their new grad program is on hold or what.. I have also heard once you work there you never leave because it is so amazing.
  12. Lily2011

    Memphis Area Job Outlook

    Hmmm.. I have also found it difficult to find a ton of luck with job hunting in Memphis. I live in Minnesota right now with the hubs but his job is relocating down to Memphis in November so I have been looking and applying everywhere. I did interview and get an offer at St. Francis but my true love is in Peds or the NICU so I am waiting out on Le Bonheur.. It is so hard to make such huge decisions right out of nursing school, though I know I am lucky to have received an offer. I just don't know if I will be able to last 18 wks and then the 2-year contract in an area that I don't feel meant to be in.. However, I know the Versant RN Residency is very prestigious, too many decisions!!!!! :-O
  13. Lily2011

    2year RN vs BSN

    I agree with tokyoROSE, getting your BSN now is the very best option if you EVER plan on going on with schooling to obtain an advanced-practice degree (NP, CRNA, etc.). Many hospitals (mostly magnet) now require nurses with their ADNs to go back to school to get their BSN so you are best off to get it in the first place.
  14. Lily2011

    Best time to take KAPLAN NCLEX review course?

    I would say not until after you graduate. The Kaplan courses are quite expensive and the lady who came to talk to us about taking them this past spring said they hold the class a few weeks after you graduate. However, I decided against taking the course upon graduating with my BSN because I found the $43 Kaplan 2010-2011 book to be EXCELLENT and the lady said the only difference between what you learn in that book and what you learn in the class is that you have "advisors" or something that you can call anytime to talk to. I also bought a few other highly reviewed books with 1,000's of practice questions and I am confident that will be enough for me to pass those boards. Good luck though! )
  15. I agree, go for the RN first (esp if you can get a BSN)! With all the hospitals getting magnet status, you may want to go back in the future so getting that BSN now would be awesome. I just graduated and am looking for a job and find it much easier that I have my BSN (especially for nurse residencies). :heartbeat
  16. Thank you for the info!! I have one application in with a status saying it was "forwarded to the manager", however that was over a month ago.. This is maybe a weird question but is there any way you could pm me your friend who got a job there, her email (if she is okay with it)? It would help so much to know maybe who I could contact or any tips he/she might have for me.. I got a job offer at St. Francis - Bartlett for their Versant RN Residency but I know that Peds or the NICU is my #1 and Le Bonheur just sounds wonderful so I am still contemplating the offer. Thanks again! I think I need like 15 posts to be able to pm so I am going to try to do a bunch to get that ability. :)