squeaking morning heart auscultation

  1. When you sleep for 8 hours, the main arteries and veins of our bodies relax, and constrict a little because of the obviously decreased cardiac output. I think your heart gets smaller when you sleep. Several months ago I was really wondering and trying to imagine the look of a sleeping heart/pulmonary.sys, because for the first tme in my life i listened to my heart during a learning process about BP. Today when we were going over stethescope in Lab, and the instructor said something about the constriction of the lungs causes them to make a squeaking sound. Once you stretch in the morning, it feels good to your pulmonary.sys because it opens up. The squeak i hear of myself when I put the stethescope above my heart first thing in the morning is blood squeaking inside freshly dialated pulmonary.sys after you sleep.

    Is what I am saying valid? Please steer this thread into auscultationland :-
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    I've listened to a lot of hearts while their owners were asleep in the ICU. I only heard squeaking sounds when there was some problem ie. pericarditis, pleural rubs etc. I don't know what yu are hearing in your own chest. Gary
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    Hon, you sleep with your steth handy? Try having a coffee or two before you listen again, Mine makes this really good thumping action, then I check the obits and if I'm not in them, I get up.:chuckle
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    Mario, I gotta love ya!

    Be sure you are hearing the heart vs. pulmonary. Many heart sounds are very normal, as are lung sounds. Some aren't.

    Spend some time with this heart lab website and see if you can identify the sounds you're hearing.

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    I'm just learning tele too Mario...

    another rockin' cardiac website:


    Love the Video demos!!
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    I am a CCU RN and listen to heart sounds all the time, day & night...gotta love rotating shifts. Anyhow, they should sound the same. You may want to get this checked out by your PCP! Good luck
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    And thanks, Youda!! FASCINATING!!!
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    My heart is fine. I know this is something associated with transitioning from sleep to wake. I don't sleep with a stethescope. The way your body turns off and on, as in sleep, must be a whole nother area. I implore anyone to listen to their heart right when they wake up. Mine makes a squeak after the beat. As soon as I stretch my arms up and breath in a nd hold my breath a little, like we all do after a good sleep, that squeak will go away.

    Also, wouldn't your true resting heartrate be your heart rate as soon as you wake up. Listening to your BP first thing in the morning is cool because it's clear as a bell. But I am finding that understanding how my body works distances me from understanding most others. The ausualtations are noteworthy, because no one has a squeaking/slumbering heart :-( hank you for your responces
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