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  1. I had a job interview last week, it went extremely well. I spoke to the NM of the unit for almost 2 hours. She said I had nothing to worry about as far as being offered the position and asked if I would be able to attend the next scheduled orientation. Now here it is a week later and no word from HR. I am beginning to get nervous, I had 2 letters of recommendation and a glowing reference from my previous employer. What went wrong? I really wanted this position, however, I am only working per diem right now and need F/T, should I begin interviewing elsewhere? Am I paranoid, how long does it usually take to hear from a facility after an interview?
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  3. by   bklynborn
    Call, she may just have had a busy week..........or the position may have had to be offered internally first..............but call to show your interest.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    You will need to followup. If this place has a HR like mine, you may never hear back. Call the NM and let her expedite things. Hope you get the job you want!
  5. by   RN-PA
    Yes-- definitely call. The NM may have gone on vacation or have been sick. They didn't give you any reason to doubt their interest in you, and if something has changed, it'd be good to find out as soon as possible. Good luck and keep us posted, but please call them! At the hospital where I was hired 5 years ago, there was a strange miscommunication and mix-up with HR, and if I hadn't pursued it, I wouldn't have gotten the job. I have finally learned at the ripe old age of 47: Never assume anything!
  6. by   Rapheal
    I was offered a position 2 weeks after the interview. A full week after they said they would call. Turns out the Recruiter was out ill for a week. Call or e-mail the recruiter. You have nothing to lose .
  7. by   whipping girl in 07
    Ditto what everyone else said, call the NM or HR and find out what's going on!
  8. by   Pete495
    Human Resources is very slow where I work also. You have to keep bugging them. The NM may have sent in for you to be offered the position, and maybe they just haven't offered it yet. It sucks, but I guess that is just the way they do it. Give the NM and HR a call, and keep hounding them until they give you a straight answer.

  9. by   bklynborn
    Sooooooo...............did you call?????
  10. by   P_RN
    Also it's nice to call and thank the NM for seeing you. That's an "in" for inquiring about the date you could start. Even if you don't get a job there it will make a memorable impression for the next time a job comes open.
  11. by   shrinkyrn
    they might be interviewing other candidates, even if they want to hire you, formally, they need to interview all potential candidates. they may also be checking out your references and previous employer, even if you came with letters of reference. IMHO if you just interviewed last week, don't sweat it yet.
  12. by   mattsmom81
    HR played with my application for 3 MONTHS before former coworkers there gave my phone #'s to the directors. Once the directors found this out, they were livid!! Here they are short of staff, needing nurses for their units and HR was playing games with applicants...they were pizzed!

    The above is not an unusual scenario I've found. HR likes to hire that 'perfect nurse' and drags their feet if we are older, have any minor negative on our background check, if we've had a WC claim or an injury, etc.

    Going over HR's head to nursing management can be helpful in these situations, I've found.

    Huggietoes, don't give up...keep on 'em! Call, write letters, schmooze a little if ya have to.....hehe! :roll