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I follow some folks on social media who I keep on a "never miss their posts" list because they are well spoken and challenge me to be a better communicator. There are some posters here on AN who... Read More

  1. by   Nurse Beth
    Thank you, Bwolfe1
  2. by   eternalbride
    Im so glad that you've written this post. Well said and truly needed. I have notice a lot of uncouth responses made by others that were not neccesary. In the past, this has deterred me from sharing some posts. I hope all will read your post and take it to heart.
  3. by   honeyforasalteyfish
    It's good advice, but I don't always follow it.

    Particularly when I am trying to shut down a conversation I often intentionally give the impression I do not value their opinion so they go away.

    I do that rarely, usually I do it however online when people reiterate the same talking points to me as were brought up to me above in another line of conversation, to which I say I have heard this before see the above conversation I have no wish to have the same bland pointless conversation.

    I am open to dialogue, but I get annoyed with having the same conversation over and over, as if I could never have heard of their line of reasoning, or else I would believe differently.

    To often I have heard, and countered their arguments countless times (at least I believe so), So I cease being interested in a conversation that I know will result in talking points being exhausted, and lead to an inevitable Brick wall.
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  4. by   cyc0sys
    Whether you’re a keyboard commando anonymously flaming people or a noob asking questions because you’re too lazy to google with the same amount of typed characters, too many people get wrapped around the axle about social media. Communication is only 7% verbal, which in this case would be text, and 93 percent non-verbal composed of body language and tone of voice. Therefore social media at its best is a mass communication tool with no editor, intent, or inflection or at its worst a subversion of reality.

    Personally I think it’s a sad commentary that people use social media to validate their existence, agendas, or assert some type of political correctness to accommodate the feelings of others who can’t find the off button. The internet was never designed to be a ‘safe place’ and that idea kind of undermines free speech. If perception has become reality, either we’re not that far from the mouth of the cave or the human race is just about ran.
  5. by   LotusPetals82
    Well said. It sounds like you have the same training that I received in school for Counseling Psych. Thank you for putting forth this piece. It serves as a reminder for me to speak more intelligently.
  6. by   whisperingsage
    I was a CNA in the 1980's and developed a lot of my character in the one SNF just through persistence and learning teamwork and learning to love my pts. when I returned to nursing in 2006, I was shocked at the filthy language CNA's and nurses and even the DON at times used. Other things had deteriorated too and the things that were always a problem (staffing) were even worse. I will even find articles elevating their profanity, telling us(actually a lie when I really researched it) that cursers were more honest.

    Sadly, the trend is to become less disciplined and more rude.