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Searchin for the longest experienced nurse out there. Was just wondering as I was thinking about all the tremendous changes nursing has brought about through out the years. Nursing doesn't seem the... Read More

  1. by   Guardian
    Dear Disabled Nurse,
    Please tell me more about your failed back syndrome. I have similar problems and have had a very rough summer. I have had surgery only once and don't consider myself yet disabled, but have lived on savings for the last two months as I am a freelance nurse. There are many people who have failed back syndrome. Could you share more? I can't stay at the computer long.
  2. by   Darla
    Though I've only been an RN for 16 years I've noticed many changes. Most prominent is the hiring of untrained staff to assist with patient care. My current medical unit has hired employees who have never had formal training let alone been in a healthcare settng. As the RN it's my responsibility to train them in basic bedside care like taking VS, bedmaking, etc. I don't mind teaching but since patients come into the hospital "much sicker" it's safer to have trained assistants working alongside the RN. A positive change is that nurses are able to complete tasks that only physicians were allowed to complete. This is contradictory to my first statement but I do enjoy the "technical" aspects of nursing care. Thanks for letting me share.
  3. by   jenac
    One year as an LPN next week. Eight years as a STNA before that.
  4. by   shrinkyrn
    I've been an RN for 29 years. Working in various areas of Psychiatry the whole time.
  5. by   Shed13911
    I have been a nuse for 25 years. The first 17 years as an LVN and the last 8 years as an RN. Many, many changes as the years go by. I remember not using gloves to clean the delivery rooms, metal bedpans that were cleaned and reused. Glass syringes to give shots. I think we call it PROGRESS!! LOL
  6. by   grneyes676
    1 year, 1 month, and 1
  7. by   shodobe
    I have been an RN for 27 years and before that worked as an EMT in an ER and also 5 years as a Paramedic. All my years except one has been in the OR. Mike
  8. by   Streamlined
    Just completed 23 years as an RN. 5 years before that as a ward clerk (where the staff nurses-my heroes-taught me prn). Where did my life go? Would do it again. In the good old days, we were an all-RN med/surg unit. On day shift, had 4 patients. Did it all--washed hair, gave baths, disimpacted, rounds with docs, family care conferences, took vitals signs--remember all that? No nursing assistants, it was heaven not to have to delegate and get a ration of crap from subordinates. Little did we know that those were the best of times.
  9. by   AB.ER.RN
    Nursing for 31yrs and 8 mths...The last 18 yrs in ER,7 yrs ICU/CCU prior to that.....Thankfully no more metal bedpans or glass thermometers...Of course costs have no doubt increased as everything is now disposable....Used to have management that came up throught he ranks,now more of them,it seems,have R.N after there names,but are not nurses!!! Patients, generally were thankful for what you did, now they seem more demanding,without a "Please' or 'Thankyou'...But I also think thats society in general now.....But one of the good things about nursing,lots of variety,different shifts,no five day work week.I work three nights over the w/end,so I,m off all week...Great!!!.
  10. by   ainz
    6 years army medic, 18 years RN.
  11. by   safetynurse
    Do I have to answer that question? It depends on "what is a nurse"? Do you count the time I spent as candystriper, nursing assistant, volunteer, home health aide, LPN and camp nurse? If so....


    or if the clock starts after graduation with BSN....

    25 years.....

    Gosh, I feel old--but expect to work another 20 years at least!
  12. by   wif411
    [/QUOTE] Patients, generally were thankful for what you did, now they seem more demanding,without a "Please' or 'Thankyou'...

    I agree with this. I work in a LTC facility and I know that there are patients that are frustrated, some with mental deficits.etc,......but what has happened to please and thank you instead of "do this...Get that...Move that" I gently have been known to tell them that a Please or thank you would be nice. I Let them know that I still am trying to teach it to my children and I understand why it is still is important because it does go a long way. Especially when you have already worked with those who cannot help their rudeness because of their disease process.
    It is nice to hear appreciation, a gentle voice, or even a kind word. Nurses get paid well, but NONE of get paid to be yelled at, cussed at, or get the old rolled eye---You again...look.
    Same with families. They can talk to us with respect. They too are going through alot. It is sometimes needed to point out to them that "I realize you are worried about your mom/dad..etc...but you do not need to raise your voice at me or use that ttype of language to me to talk with me." I have even said, "Why don't you take a few minutes and I will be back to discuss what is on your mind. Maybe we can both talk and listen without being frustrated or angry."
    Believe it or not, if you say these things with gentleness and respect you end up with respect from the pt and the family and usually someone who will approach you next time in a whole different light.
    Now there are those folks who have no upbringing and are not gonna change for God. Those are the ones that I bite my tongue in the prescence of mine enemies--type stuff. And try to tell my self that I am not gonna lower myself to their level. They will answer to God and I reuse to be like them. Yep---I am human and i slip everyso often. But GOd willing not often enough to worry about it.
    Any one else feel the same???????????? How do you all handle it??????????
  13. by   pwp1289
    graduated with rn in 1965--still at bedside nursing and still even rotating to other shifts--need that daily pt contact--still enjoy going to work every day although it is VERY tough going lately--staff is down with no replacements on the horizon