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  1. by   bklynborn
    for all those who enjoy a trip to the butt hut.........quit smoking and rename your brak taking a "breather" ha reason you can't still gather outside but instead of sitting in each others second hand smoke you can enjoy the fresh air
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    I quit smoking over 5 months ago after my car accident. Figured this was the lest I could do considering that the Lord spared my life. Cold Turkey.
  3. by   healingtouchRN
    it's a dirty habit, & I am an asthmatic, so smoke really irritates me as does loud perfume (yucky)! I try to remind my co-workers of that because so many people are sensitive to smells, esp after an MI (nausea) or with COPD (coughin & hackin'). I am just concerned for the poor people who don't speak for them selves. & yes, I had a pt. that was a family member of a friend (she was blind) & she told me my body spray was nice but too strong for her. I washed it off immediately & was embarrased that I had offended her. She told me she appreciated it. A good lesson learned from a pt.
  4. by   ohioln
    Dear bewbew,
    Congratulations on your quitting smoking!!! Guard your "quit" by not taking another one again. I'm quitting too, after many years of smoking. Have you ever gone to It's a support group online for people who want to quit, but it's a good place to go if you feel like you need support.
  5. by   boopchick
    To each his/her only complaint would be certain nurses I've worked with who are always "running out for a quick ciggie break" and it seems like they are gone half the shift.
  6. by   Jolly
    Originally posted by sjoe
    Frankly, as a patient, I would take ANY healthcare advice and/or suggestions with a very large grain of salt, coming from any healthcare provider who reeked of cigarette smoke, marijuana, alcohol, was obese, etc. Why should I listen to them and act on their words when they don't do so themselves?

    Actions speak louder.... [/B]

    When I was a nursing student, I had an instructor that taught us then-nurses-to-be to start thinking of ourselves as role models of, and advocates for, a healthy lifestyle. That made a big impression on me, kind of like a shot right between the eyes - she made me realize that nursing is more than giving a patient good care. Nursing is also showing and teaching a patient how to give good care to themselves - and, if I don't project a healthy lifestyle, then why the heck should anyone take any credence in what I have to say or teach?

    It's been six years since then - I am a work in progress, yet, I'm constantly moving forward (with a setback here and there, naturally). And, when I teach my patients, I can honestly say to them that I know the difficulties they have in making changes, because I, too, have experienced them - HOWEVER, it can be done!
  7. by   healingtouchRN
    good point, it's sad to see really morbidly obese people struggling down the hall, to a code blue & they are wheezing & sweating. My heart goes out to them. They will remain nameless, but my heart goes out to them none the less.
  8. by   graysonret
    I smoke. Don't mind it. My only vice. L. A smoke break gives me a chance to push my "reset" button and go over my notes. When I come back, I have a breath mint in my mouth and wash my hands before I see patients. I wonder how many nurses here drink...and then criticize those who smoke? Kill you a lot faster. I know some nurses who drink on duty. That's far worse.
  9. by   tattooednursie
    I think its really cool for you non-smokers who put each to their own. It bugs me so much when I get lectured every time that I say that I'm going for a quick ciggarette by the same person. I can see that being okay if a person does that often when their work is not done, but I don't go unless my work is caught up. if I am stressed out I make sure my patients are okay, and then step out for a couple drags. Sometimes I go out for breaks and don't smoke at all, but if other people are around me who are smoking, it is just automatic to light up. If a non-smoker comes outside with me I won't smoke around them, I'll just sit and chitty chat and get some fresh air. There is one Aide that I work with who goes out every half hour. Nurses have even told her to come in because her lights were ringing. She'll just tell the patients to wait and go back out there! that makes me angry. We are there for the patients, not to smoke. Smoking can wait until the patients are taken care of.
    I decided that I have no intentions of quitting soon because smoking is a great stress reliever to me, and those who I work with who think their you know what dont stink who tell me to quit just makes me want to blow smoke in their face. I mean that is great that they don't smoke, I am happy for them, but this is my body.

    To prevent flames, this post was not towards the other posters, its just people in general who think smokers are low lifes. I thought that too before I smoked, but not anymore. It is a bad habit to start, and not the smartest thing to do to yourself, but just because you smoke does not mean that you are stupid. Heck, at 16 I became a CNA and I just completed 2 years of highschool in one year, and i have been winning essay contests in my area, so, I am not that stupid. Maybe smoking isn't the brightest thing to do, but it aint no IQ test. Now my notorious sucking smoke through the nose and blowong it out the mouth, thats a different story! LOL
  10. by   tattooednursie
    Also I always make sure there was gum in my mouth, a little bit of perfume on me, and I would wash my hands before going back out on the floor, just as I did for my parents bacj when I didn't want them to know. (they know now BTW), and I'm 18 now so who really cares???lol
  11. by   Ortho_RN
    Well I voted to each their own.... And I am a non-smoker.. Can't stand the stuff, doesn't come in my house, don't allow people to smoke in my car... But

    These people who smoke are NOT children, well some are... But as nurses they KNOW the effects that it can possibly have on them and I am sure they have seen people very sick and dying b/c of the smoking... You would think that would be enough to sway someone.. But if it isn't then it is their business...

    We had a pt who had a total knee and was unable to go outside and smoke... They lit up in the room, with O2 running through a nasal cannula.. I smelt it right away, and walk in and he tried to hide it.. I told him I didn't care what he did to himself, but I am the one taking care of him and will NOT come in this room while he is smoking, wearing oxygen.. and it was more the oxygen than the smoking that bugged me.. Nurse supervisor walked by and said... "Well we can't stop someone from smoking if they want to and can't go outside".. And this is a TOTALLY No Smoking hospital..

    The ONLY major problem I have with nurses who smoke, are the ones who think they need a cigarette every couple hours.. But they are the ones that piss and moan when you want to take a pee break.. go figure hehe
  12. by   tattooednursie
    LOL! Ditto to the pee break thing. Some busy nights for me its like I can either have pee break or a smoke break, no time for both. If I have to go, then I will choose the pee break. I may not feel well if I don't get a ciggarette, but if I pee myself transfering a patient (or cough too hard from smoking lol), I will never live that down at work. Too embarassing to even think of. Wouldn't that be a good story for the embarassing moments board!
  13. by   ernurse728
    No... I do not smoke. I don't like the way it smells, and all the stains that it puts on your teeth. Plus all the stuff that it does to your lungs. Smoker's cough is the worse. All that hacking! Yuck. I don't say anything to my friends that smoke...well occasionally I tell them that in 25 years I will refuse to give them their neb treatments! The thing that I hate most though is the fact that the non-smokers never leave the floor while the staff that do smoke go outside atleast 4-5 times a shift!