Small Pox Story Needs Nurse Interviewees

  1. From PSNA listserve:

    The Harrisburg Patriot Newspaper is researching a story on Small Pox and is interested in interviewing nurses who worked in hospitals or healthcare facilities and treated patients with Small Pox before the disease was eradicated. If you or someone
    you know has had an experience with this deadly disease and would like to share their story contact Jack Sherzer within the next week at 717-255-8263 or email
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  3. by   oramar
    Back in 1968 I worked with an intern from India. He had terrible scars from a case of childhood smallpox. His growth was also stunted by the disease, he was about 4'10" tall. He did not seem to be affected mentally. He was quite intellegent and a compasionate doctor. He made quite an impression on me.
  4. by   semstr
    are you talking about the varicelles? My daughter had them as she started Kindergarten 10 years ago. She was a very sick little girl! Although we knew at once she had smallpox and we treated her the right way, she has a few (tiny, but...) scars on her face.

    Two weeks later, on our trip to New York, (now that was reeaaallllly nice ) my husband got Herpes Zoster. (You call them shingles or something, I think)

    Now as I am writing, I think we are talking different maladies.
    What I mean are the chickenpox, are they the same as the smallpox?

    Take care, Renee
  5. by   betts
    The initial symptoms of smallpox were much more severe than those of chickenpox (i.e., high fever, severe muscle aches, etc.).

    Smallpox rash was most common on exposed portions of the body: face, forearms, wrists, palms, lower legs, feet, and soles. (Chickenpox is most common on covered areas of the body.)

    Smallpox rash lesions tended to be at the same stage of development, and there was only one eruption of pox lesions. (With chickenpox, it is common to have more than one eruption of pox lesions and the lesions may be in different stages of maturation.)

    Smallpox lesions tended to be deeper in the skin than chickenpox lesions, hard to the touch, and the vesicles were tough to break.
  6. by   KRVRN
    Chickenpox is varicella, and I believe smallpox is called variola. Smallpox was much much worse by my understanding. Scarring was much worse and the dz was life threatening. Chickenpox is not as bad. Smallpox scares me.
  7. by   semstr
    Thanks for the replies!!
    Now I know the difference.
    Is shingles right are not?

    Take care, Renee