1. In your experience as a nurse, is it possible for someone who is half-awake to somnambulate...and retain no memory of the event? It's possible that I did this Sunday morning and performed a quite complex task while doing so.

    I would have thought the sheer movement would have woken me, especially since I wasn't totally asleep, but... It seems to be the only explanation here.

    Long story, short - my boyfriend called me Sunday morning and wanted to know what I needed. He'd been outside, but his cell phone showed a call from me from several minutes earlier. The problem is that I'd just gotten up after lying in bed half-awake for about fifteen minutes.

    Oddly enough - and this makes me believe I did sleepwalk - I'd been lying there considering calling him because he was coming over, but I thought I'd overslept.

    This is really giving me the creeps. I don't have a history of sleep disorder, but it makes me wonder. I mean, if I possibly do this while half-asleep, what might I do dead to the world?

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    I sleep in t-shirts and shorts after waking up one morning on my front porch in NOTHING but a t-shirt. I have also been known to phone people, let people in the house, once even cooked breakfast in my sleep. It runs in my family I have a brother and my daughter also sleepwalk. It usually only happens if I am really tired or my sleep cycle is off. We were talking at wk one night and a friend of mine drove to the Sonic in just her panties one night.while sleepwalking.
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    I don't think that I have sleep walked, but there are a few times that I just don't remember parts of my drive home on the interstate after I have worked all night. Really scarry. Now drive with the air conditioner going (even in winter) and the radio on. ( I have always hated to sleep with t.v./radio on.) It helps.
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    I haven't walked in my sleep - to my knowledge - since I was a child. My mum caught me walking down the hallway with my pillow under my arm, and she asked me where I was going, and I told her "out where the water is deeper."

    I've had that bad feeling where I don't remember how I got from Point "A" to Point "B". My daughter participated in one episode with me. We both lost.... whatever it is that you lose at about the same point in our journey. I'd just gone around a corner, (I'm HOPING I observed the traffic light!) and was going under an interstate underpass when I just kind of came back. I said "OMG, I don't remember going around that corner or anything!" and my daughter didn't remember it either. We sort of chalked it up to eddies in the space-time continuum, since we both did it at the same time. I'm *fairly* certain we weren't abducted by space aliens........

    Although I do sometimes wake up trying to fight down panic in my bathroom, gasping for air and my heart pounding, since I've been trying to get used to this bloody CPAP machine!


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    Thanks, y'all. I've kind of chalked it up to one of those things. Not so weird after all, really; I mean, isn't my boyfriend's number one of those things I should be able to my sleep? LOL I am in the process of completely overhauling my sleep schedule for fall term, so maybe what stressedlpn pointed out has some merit.

    My boyfriend just wishes now that he'd bothered to set up the voicemail on his cell phone. He'd give anything to know what I was saying!

    It's almost amusing now, but it was frightening at the time... And I wouldn't want a repeat occurrence, that's for sure.

    Meanwhile, first day of classes today. Yay! It wasn't so bad. Mostly handouts, info, and syllabi. Maybe nursing school won't be too hard...

    Riiiiight. LOL

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    I know you haven't expressed any history of this, but it is possible to sleep walk and do complex actvities totally unconscious. Complex Partial seizures can manifest themselves as sleep walking. What was on your mind obviously was carried out, and that also made me think Complex Partial. The losing time made me think of that as did the fact that you were in the process of waking up. Seizures frequently occur while falling asleep, just upon waking. or during sleep. If you were totally unaware of any of the activity, just keep this in mind in case unusual events should occur again that you question. There is a total loss of consciousness with Complex Partial seizures even though the person may appear wide awake and even walking around. There would be no memory of the event. TweetyRN
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    hi. i have been a sleepwlaker/talker since i was a kid. usually when i was a kid it was after a slumber party or after one of our sat night horseshows that kept us out late and i was really tired. my mom said i usually would walk into the front room looking funny and she knew i was asleep and she would tell me to go to bed and i would. my dad told me that one time i had a kitten in my room around bedtime and he told me to be sure and put the kitten in the living room before i went to sleep. he said about an hour later he was laying in bed and i came into his room carrying my stuffed animal and put it in the floor in the corner of his room then returned to bed. i guess i had the kitten on my mind. since i am an adult, i walk frequently. my husband says when he hears a noise he turns his light on and has found me trying to open a door or something where there is only a wall, moving things around in the closet in pitch dark, or in the front room with the sink on . he said he yells at me to wake me but i don't ever remember it.he said sometimes i answer him and tell him i am going to the bathroom. i have never left the house. we have woke to find wet bathroom towels in the kitchen sink or other things moved around. oh well, guess it keeps things interesting.