Skin care clinic RN salary

  1. Would anyone please inform me of how much an RN working in a skin care clinic may get paid? Some of my friends told me it's $40.00/hr. Some told me it's $25/hr. Any comments would be highly appreciated
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  3. by   roser13
    Nursing salaries in general vary widely by region and state, rural vs. city. No doubt clinic nurses' salaries vary as well.

    I do know that some esthetists' (guessing that's what you mean by skin care clinic) salaries consist partly of commission.
  4. by   jahra
    A license for skin care is under the Board of Cosmetology
    and is called a Esthetician or Aesthetician license.
    It is about a one year program in most states offered by aesthetic or hairdressing schools.

    You need to check with other skin care clinics in your area about
    the salary issue. It also depends on what they require. In some states
    you also need the esthetics license in addition to the RN. There are
    some turf wars between the Boards as to who can do what services in some states.

    It does vary by the region and area, so taking a look at the clinics
    that surround your area is a good place to start.
  5. by   Telelizard
    I worked as an esthetician/spa manager for a few years before just recently getting my RN license in Ca. We paid our nurses $35/hr + 3% on laser packages sold and 10% on skin care products sold. I was also paid on commission selling these services as an esthetician and made an average of extra $1000/month. You don't need an esthetician license to be an aesthetic RN in CA as far as I know.
  6. by   fromtheseaRN
    i know an aesthetician who wanted to go through RN school so she could give botox where she worked... and make a whole $20/hour doing so. i'm sure not all skin care places pay this low for RNs to do injections, but it hardly seems worth the extra certification(if required) to do so.
  7. by   deann52
    In CA the Physician's Skin Care and Weight Loss clinic was paying $38 which is a joke for this area. I made more than that with an IP inpatient.
  8. by   pastemolle
    I work in a medspa the Los Angeles area and I get $40/hr, however it is not a full time position as the economy has hit the spa industry hard across the board. I don't have any experience in an acute setting and offer laser services only. They are thinking to change the RN pay to $25/hr + commission. However, I'm wondering it is legal or appropriate for RN's to work on commission for selling medical services? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated...
  9. by   BotoxRN
    Hi everyone. I have been in the business for over 11 years in KS. I have worked in two places before I went out on my own 3 years ago. I have been paid hourly, hourly + commission and full commission. Every place is different in what they pay. I belong to a society and we have a meeting every year and this is a topic we all talk about. Every state is different in their laws as far as your medical director. Here they have to be 5 minutes or 5 miles away but alot of medspas don't abide by it. I am in an office where mine is on site but I'm an independent contractor which makes life easy. I think it's important to get the experience and build your reputation then you are able to do your own thing! Because there are so many places that do this now it might be more difficult to make the money you are worth until you have the experience and following. The products are expensive to purchase so the spa has some big overhead so they are wanting to pay as little as possible which is sad if you have great employees.
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  11. by   NancyParris
    Nurses dealing in skin care treatment benefit more as compared to other domain.
  12. by   juanita79
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