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cincinnati alliance hospitals in the local paper, it was announced that cincinnati alliance hospitals are now offering 30k for cardiac nurses..has an amount like this being offered in anyone... Read More

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    Quote from Teshiee
    There should be a periodical like TRW for hospitals so nurses know what deep boo boo they may get into
    I find this comment very interesting and wonder if maybe that is something that could occur on Perhaps a stand alone forum called "Hospital TRW nationwide" in effect or otherwise.

    After all how many questions are posed in all forums asking about some particular Hospital?

    As far as sign on bonuses go I accepted bonuses at the last two hospitals Ive worked at and dont feel bad about it at all. As skilled professionals we are far too under paid to not at least consider them. We are after all paid less than plumbers, flooring installers, electricians. Nothing against these trades after all Ive worked in all of them, but I feel in my current profession I face far more stress, responsibility, and investment on a personal lever ie family etc.

    I would never take a bonus for more than a one year commitment.

    I am not saying here that sign on bonuses are the answers to the shortage becuase they are not. There are other things that matter to me even more.

    Today I would take free CEU, free certification and onsite cert support(CEN, CCRN etc), loan forgiveness not just for new grads, mandated pt ratios, limited float assignment areas, aggressive perks campaigns, free parking, free meals, retentions bonuses, and of course....more pay.

    On a personal level I just dont know what I am going to do. I could go to traveling, PRN, or agency but I like being staff.

    I think instead of higher education in nursing I might invest that energy into business classes or accounting so I could start my own business and get out of nursing. I am beginning to think nursing is a really good "part time" job.

    Woe to the health care profession-

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    [QUOTE=colleen10]Have any of you ever accepted a sign on bonus or know of anyone that has? Are they really all their cracked up to be? About half of it goes to taxes anyway.
    CMS (Correctional Medical Services) offered sign on bonuses in Vermont. Half at 3 mos, second half at 6 mos. I can't remember for sure, but I believe the max was $1,000.00. They have a current refer a nurse for a bonus program. There's also a refer a MD to some particular state for a full time position and get $5,000.00 Just gimmicks, with the slight off-chance that an actual referral would come in and stay. 30K is a staggering amount. I think the recipient would have to be supernurse to collect. Bet that nurse gets all the crappy shifts and assignments, so the hospital gets the servce for a few months, before the nurse quits and the hospital doesn't have to shell out. I wouldn't go for an unrealistic bonus as a sign on, without a contract approved by my attorney. The contract would also have to say that assignments would be fair and equal to the rest of the staff.
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    Quote from colleen10
    I just wanted to say - coming from my Human Resources background - that money is an awful way to get or keep employees. They might do it but eventually realize that it's not worth the money and leave any way. If they do stay, do you really want someone who is working there just for that money?

    Granted, we all work for money but if it's absolutely the only reason someone is there they often don't make the best employees.

    You take that sign on bonus you may as well be selling your sould to the devil for a year or two because basically when they think they've got you, that you need their job, they will no doubt treat you like a slave. I've found that when I even work full time they think they own you and their attitude is definitely different toward the full timers as opposed to the prn's. To heck with that mess, that is why I refuse to sign on anywhere as a full timer. I'll take part-time and if I can get some full time hours that is fine but I'm not into doing that indentured servant thing. I just have a real problem with being treated like a work mule and being stripped of what little dignity I have left.