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I would like to very much to know.....What is the starting rate for a new grad as a RN? I know it may vary from State to state but I'm just curiuos do they pay you less if you have no prior medical... Read More

  1. by   bassbird
    In the Minneapolis-St Paul area it is ~$21.24/hr for a new grad. You also get $2.50/hr for straight evenings and $4.00/hr for nights. Most hospitals are offering $500-750 sign on bonus for new grads too.

    There is also loan repayment of up to $10,000. Reimbursement is $2,000/year for working .8 and above, and it is prorated for less hours.

    From the looks of it I live in the right area!
  2. by   kelligrl
    Whereabouts do you live in CA? (just the region, don't have to tell me exactly where) I'm curious because I graduate next semester and if I can move not too far from here and make that much more I'm way interested...
  3. by   nurseshn
    Thanks Guys for the feedback,
    Marnnarn.....Is there a catch to that? That really sounds tooooooooogoood to be true!!!! But if it's legit you gooo girl!!!

    Noel that was a blessing after six months what department do you work in?
  4. by   live4today
    Does anyone know how much new grads and experienced RNs make in Indianapolis, Indiana? We're looking at retiring from the military next year, and we have family there so may consider Indiana as home. I'd like to know what nursing there is like. Thanks!
  5. by   canavywife
    I am near the santa cruz/san jose area and if you're coming from so cal I would think twice..I like so cal MUCH better than here. They do pay much better though and really the standard of living is the same.

    I am at a non union hospital, the shift differential is pretty good too, it is about $3 pms, $4 nocs. The benefits are pretty much free, and what I mean by that is for health insurance for myself I pay nothing (if I had dependents I would pay I think $20 or something). The only thing taken out of my paycheck is taxes! Pretty good deal except that I don't really like my job much and I would do anything to have my job back in San diego area and get paid $10 less....the people were much nicer and supportive to new grads =) Priceless!

    Good luck!
  6. by   boobaby42
    Gosh, I started out making over 6 dollars/hr 21 yrs ago, grave yard shift. I went to boot camp nursing school four years all for 6 per hr! I should have been, uh, should have married a rich man. yeah.
  7. by   kelligrl
    For the info. That's probably farther north than I want to go..I love where I am. I visited Monterey last summer and it was beautiful, but it rains TOO much up there. I need sun! (and the beach!!)