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If you walk into any given hospital ,clinic or Dr. office, you will see many different colors of scrubs and prints.They are very nice to look at, have a bunch of them myself. But, are we nurses... Read More

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    Quote from NursesRmofun
    I really would dislike wearing all white, but I agree about it being confusing. In the last hospital that I worked for, people said they thought the higher ups encouraged all depts. to wear these colored scrubs so it would look like there were more nurses than there actually were! Think about it! But I like my colored scrubs.
    I read an article that stated that hospitals actually do this!

    Looks like there are lots of nurses, but half may be housekeeping or aides.
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    BTW, I always wear white pants. I have some pairs of white nursing pants that are ten years old. They still look bright white- I use hot water, bleach, and 20 Mule Team Borax.

    My white shoes are another story- they always look scuffed and yellowed, no matter how often I clean and polish them w/ white polish.
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    Originally posted by TeenyBabyRN. You were pushing your new white shoes down an NGT????!!!!
    I tried, but they woulnd't fit.

    Originally posted by BabyRN2Be. I do agree with skanded though. It would help if staff would wear different uniforms to differentiate who is who. It would be hard to make this universal though
    My hospital used to do this. Nurses could only wear white, a type of blue, purple or maroon. But, either your pants or your shirt had to be white. Confusing. Each dept. had their own color. Lab- dark blue, RT - Army green, etc. The pts didn't care what each dept was wearing. They have now changed it to we can wear any printed top with solid matching bottoms. Except for black & denim. (there always has to be an exception!)