Shoes with Wheels! Would you want to try them? - page 2

Tonight at the grocery store, this young kid sailed past me down one of the aisles (rows?) wearing a pair of shoes with little wheels in the bottom. And it got me thinking.....what if??? The kid... Read More

  1. by   SuesquatchRN
    I sometimes forget how to walk without wheels.

  2. by   fascinoma
    I really want a pair of these shoes!!

    I wouldn't wear them to work though, lol.
  3. by   BJLynn
    I think I would accidentally kill myself with these things.
  4. by   SK-222
    What a funny visual that would be, seeing professionals zip around the office on wheeled shoes, and (jokingly) can you imagine the way a workman's comp claim would work when a nurse was injured on the job due to their unique shoe?
  5. by   palesarah
    I saw a couple kids wheeling around WalMart in their Heelies a while back- I hadn't seen them before and thought they were really cool (in fact, I believe my exact words to DH were "ooh! me likey me wanty). And did in fact have a brief vision of myself wearing them at work, but that would be a disaster, lol! So I guess I'll stick with my Danskos.
  6. by   WoosahRN
    They would probably give us more work if we were zipping around so fast! Haha.
  7. by   ICRN2008
    I'm not terribly uncoordinated, but I have a feeling that I would go crashing into a wall or an IV pole at some point. Better just to walk the old-fashioned way!
  8. by   clee1
    In a past life I wore skates at work; I was briefly a carhop at Sonic.

    Cool idea, but NO WAY would I wear skates in a hospital!
  9. by   santhony44
    Risk management would never go for it!

    It does make an amusing mental picture though!

    It reminds me of a scene from a movie I saw years ago, with a nurse rolling down the hall on an IV pole, tossing pills at people as she passed by!
  10. by   puggymae
    I would love to have a pair - do you think my clinical group can push me from room to room in a wheel chair until my halo traction is removed?
  11. by   fascinoma
    The wheelies look to me like a good way to get more exercise in your daily walk, though. I'll always try to work within walking distance as my first choice.
  12. by   Siouxz2
    Just today, I was at a stop sign in a parking lot. There was a big pillar obstructing my view of the exit of a store. While I was stopped, a woman crossed in front of me with two little girls. I got ready to go and out of nowhere her two sons flew out from behind the pillar on those skates--never looked. Almost hit them.
  13. by   jimthorp
    Quote from Julielpn
    I think they are adorable, and would get a pair for myself (but probably be too chicken to wear them to work!) LOL!
    But then again, I rollerblade in the summer months too!
    I skate too, pretty much year round as long as the roads are not snow or ice covered.

    My first experience was at a grocery store. I did a double take as this youg boy was traversing across the floor without the usual walking motion. I realized his shoes had one wheel on the heel. I haven't seen the two wheeeled version on the street.

    I think the residents would get a kick out of me skating down the hall but I would never do it. I'm sure my boss would not see the humor in it.