Shoes ? ? ? ? ?

  1. Hello one and all. I am in search of a good pair of mens or even unisex shoes.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks,and Much Peace

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  3. by   Shamrock
    For what purpose? Working on hosp. floors? Exercise? Wading
    through management's bs??
  4. by   obillyboy
    Yes please. Working on an Ortho, Peds,General Surg unit 31 beds in our local Hosp.
    And................Well I already have the hip boots and flotation device for the BS from above, as a matter of fact I think I was born with them. LOL...........

    Thanks and Much Peace


  5. by   nialloh
    If you want them for floor nursing, I would recommend New Balance sneakers. I have tried many brands, but these are the best, and are not the most pricey.
  6. by   Shamrock
    My loyality lies with Reebok DMX. Is what I always wore when
    working on the floor.
  7. by   Dplear
    Reebok Ultralights...the only shoe I will wear now. Can be hard to find though. They are half the weight of DMX and twice as confortable.


    These are the shoes I am wearing right now actaully
  8. by   Angelica
    I'm very fond of K-Swiss.
  9. by   Neon8
    go to and check out the Ambulator Biomechanical. Good for plantar fasciitis and tired, aching feet.
  10. by   tylerrose
    try Merrell shoes. i've a pair and i love them
  11. by   Dplear
    GOOD GOD!!! those ambulator biomechnical are UGLY!!! sorry but I would not wear a shoe like that for anything.

  12. by   colleen10

    As someone who needs to get a pair of floor shoes before Fall semester, where do you guys go to get sneakers?

    Do you go to your local uniform store or just a regular shoe store like Foot Locker?
  13. by   live4today
    I wear Rockport tennies to work. Very comfortable! My husband highly recommended them, bought me a pair, and now my feet feel great after 12 hours on the job. It's my brain that hurts at the end of the shift.
  14. by   ERNurse752
    I like Dansko Professinal shoes...come in men's and womens'. Also like Anywhere's and Birkenstocks. Saucony running shoes are nice too. I love shoes!