1. I'm a new student this year and getting ready for clinicals. Need advice on the best shoe to get for comfort. I'm a chubby girl (hehe) so need something supportive on the feet. THANKS in advance.
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  3. by   aimeee
    They stopped making the one shoe I found comfortable and I need custom arch supports anyway so I can't offer advice, but recently there was another shoe thread with lots of it from others so I found it and moved it up to the top for you. See the topic titled "questions about shoes". Good luck!
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  4. by   kewlnurse
    Birkenstock clogs are awesome. I too need arch suppors and the birks have acork insole that mold to you foot just like a custom made $250 arch. Which reminds me, what did i do wiht those orthodics
  5. by   galenight
    Careful, many institutions don't allow clogs unless you have a medical reason.

    I personally have found KSwiss to be the best.. They offer great support and comfort are a little wider than other brands. And they are reasonably priced.. between $50-70. Look for sales at FootLocker and such.. they are often on sale. I, too, am on the heavy side and they are wonderful. My knees and feet stopped hurting when i switched. I know it's time for a new pair when my knees start aching again.

    Good luck!
  6. by   shyviolet78
    New Balance Cross-Trainer's are great. I have the 608 style. It took me a couple of weeks to break them in, but after that, no problems. I also have a pair of Anywears clogs which came highly recommended and they kill my legs. I can't even keep them on long enough to break them in - after an hour, I'm switching back into the New Balance.
  7. by   nightmoves
    The absolutely best shoes I ever found were Clinic Perts. They are an unlined white leather oxford and when I was a new grad they had conductive soles. (Now you have an idea of how old I am!)

    You might be able to find them at uniform shops that carry the clinic brand, or they might be able to order them for you. If I had known they would be so hard to find, I would have bought twenty pairs of them before I left the Navy.

    I have to dress in business clothes and a labcoat now, but frequently wear my good old Clinics when my feet are killing me. And after about thirty years of this, that's a fairly frequent occurrence, especially if I have to attend meetings (where high heels are de rigeur.)

    Buy the absolute best shoes that you can afford, even if you have to go in hock to do it. If you're young you might feel that you can get away with cheapies, but you will pay the price when you get to be an old nurse like me and your feet are swearing at you and every step is killing you.
  8. by   PammieRN
    Ryka Tennis shoes are the best! They are made especially for women's feet, not mens shoes miniaturized. Made a big difference in my back....I am a big girl too. Whatever you get, make sure it fits. Nothing more uncomfortable than tight shoes or pants that are too tight.
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    Whatever you do, don't buy Nursemates!!! They SUCK!! Personally, I like Reebok DMX crosstrainers--they come in all white and look professional--way more comfortable than ANY nursing shoe (Rockers, Nursemates) that I have ever bought.

  10. by   spudflake
    Merrills - the absolute BEST
  11. by   Cindy_A
    I wear Easy Spirits and they are WONDERFUL!!!! The ones I wear at work are called Enconquer, and they are sooooo comfortable! They cost about $50.00, so not too expensice either! I'm a big girl too, I also have flat feet, but I've had no foot problems since I got these shoes.